Help Dream Recall, and sleep patterns totally shattered

I have a couple of questions. I always used to wake up at like 3.30 in the morning but i used to go back to sleep really fast. However i tried to WBTB + MILD in that time for 2 straight nights and got my second and third lucid dream. Now when i wake up at that time its very hard for me to just go back to bed. I have to try for an hour before i can sleep even if i don’t want to lucid dream. How to fix this?
Ever since that my recall has been an absolute zero, i used to be able to recall 1-2 dreams each night but now nothing. How to fix this?
Am i fooling my self with lucid dreaming? What i mean is am i expecting results too fast? I hear it takes months for some people to get their first one, but i got 3 on my first week by luck i guess. Should i wait a few for longer for my next one?

Age : 16years
Dream journal : Had one since i was a little kid (not for LD but i always liked to remember my dreams)
Any help would be greatly appreciated

How to fix WBTB: You can spend this 1 hour you need to sleep again reading or watching dream-related material. Basically: wake up, go through dream material until you can sleep again, then do it. If you can’t do this after trying a few times then WBTB probably isn’t for you.

How to fix recall: focusing or worrying too much about dream recall seems to sometimes lead to things like this. Don’t worry too much about it and I’m sure it’ll eventually come back to normal.

Some people take three years to have their first-ever LD, so I think you may be expecting too much. Be thankful because you’ve already accomplished more than many. Given this and your “natural” interest in dreams, I’d say if you don’t give up you’ll be having it easier than most.

Thank you for the help. Yeah i guess i was expecting too much and have to be patient. I will just try to work on dream recall, WBTB and MILD until i can get my next lucid dream.
Thx for your reply

No problem :smile:

If you still feel you’re stuck, though, remember to take a break about it all for some days at least. There’s no use pushing it if it’s no good. A break can be very constructive.