Help! Dream Recall is going to Sh*t

When I started to attempt LD’ing, in about May last year, My dream recall was very good, and it steadily got better, untill about a month ago, when suddenly it plummeted. now I’m lucky to clearly remember even one dream. I had started to look into Psionics earlier, but that wouldn’t reduce my recall to this, would it? Any advice, or anything would be greatly appreciated

Well, the most helpful thing I think will be to tell yourself before you go to bed to remember your dreams. Try to give yourself a reason to remember them too. If you go to bed really trying to remember your dreams, you should be able to remember at least one a night.

Second of all, when you wake up try to think real hard before you get out of bed. If you still have nothing, think of your dream signs and see if you can get one of those to trigger a memory.

Finally, if you’re real desperate, set an alarm to wake you up at like 4:30 in the morning. If that wakes you from a dream, you should remember it, if not then it still might help you when you go back to sleep.

And people here swear by mint tea for helping recall, but I’ve never tried it.

yes, but what would cause me to go from 3-5 clear dreams recalled per night to 1 fuzzy one??

well, if you try and tell yourself to remember your dreams as you fall asleep, you will usualy change subject in your mind right before you hit the cement. So maybe, that one night, your intentions stayed until you fell assleep, possibly your thaughts while becoming unconscious was youtelling yourself to fall asleep. This should be a reason why you remembered so muc hmroe. Or maybe when you woke up, you woke up durign a dream, wich made you start to recall a dream, and form that, things in the first dream reminded you of parts of an earlier dream the same night. I know i have experienced these many times. I hope yo uunderstand! :happy:

Hey Grizzled,

It´s a normal phenomenon that you can first remember 5 or 6 dreams a night and later only one, or none.
It´s like a cycle, like REM. First you recall a lot of dreams for a certain period, then you´ll remember 1 or 2 a night, then 1 or 0, and then you´ll start to remember more of them.

So you´re having a ´bad period´ in dream recall, like me, I´ve started do a lot of reality checks to get a better chance on an LD, but with no success. I guess I´ll start remembering more dreams in a few weeks.


ah yes dutch, true, and what i said before you, explains my theory on that “natural recall” thingy.

I have not recalled a single dream in at least a month. As soon as I got my job and started school, I haven’t had a day off (besides when I was sick and thanksgiving). Otherwise, I’ve worked eveyr saturday and sunday, and many school days. I think all this stress and being warn out significantly affects dream recall. Damn I want to dream again, but it’s just not happening.

Thanks everyone. For some reason, my recall just boosted up recently, and I had a (short) LD last night, but its my first in a (long)while. I think that willpower wanes after a while without getting results. When I took a renewed interest in LD’s and took the initiative to post and ponder, my subconcious got a subconscious message :smile:.