Help! Dreams Of Being Paralysed

Okay, well, this started about a month back and since then it has been occuring in nearly every dream I’ve had. The dreams are non-lucid and just boring, normal dreams about school and stuff. Nothing spectacular. But I seem to suffer from lapses of paralysis. Like, I can be walking along just fine in my dream when I suddenly find that my body is so heavy and no matter how much I want, or try to move it, it just won’t. I just seize up and fall over and can’t move or get up or anything. Or I’ll be talking when I find that I can’t move my face or get my mouth to open. It’s so scary. And at other times I’ll look down and see that I have no legs or that they’re all rotting and filled with maggots. Not a pleasant sight. :sad: I wonder if I’ve been sleeping lightly recently, which I don’t think I have, and some of the sensations of sleep paralysis have been “leaking through” into my ND s? This problem never used to happen to me, it’s quite new. But I would really like to stop it happening as it’s quite disturbing.

So if anyone has experienced/knows of something similar or knows of a way I can stop this please help! :confused:

Paralysment is a strong dream symbol, if you believe in dream symbols you could try to decipher it and take away the cause of it in walking life.
For example it could be you feel powerless against something in walking life.

i had this happen to me

i got rid of this thru pure sheer belief
and another method i used is ok i have no legs so what

i just not cared a,d if i couldnt move i would be like ok i wont move
i have all the time in the world

i believe it has something to do with a subconcious
fear or paranoya of not bein able to move and u act on it

thats what i think but i really dont know but i got rid of that sleep paralysis lol