Help find a new host for LD4all :)

I’m seriously fed up with my host right now. Also, they claim they make daily backups, but this is obviously not the case.

I have been glancing around to other hosts, but never wanted to take the leap.

Also, the one i’m on now, is very affordable.

So, if you know of a good stable host, that is not shared hosting, but VPS, or even better a private server, please let me know.

(please don’t put direct URLS but just mention the name or PM me with details)

edit: specifications:
at least 100gb monthly traffic
unlimited domains
unlimited MYSQL databases (no space restrictons)
at least 4gb webspace
daily backups
shell access.
preferable: accepting payments by paypal.

thanks in advance,

I don’t know any Q, but I know some people who might.

I’ll get back to you.

edit: PM sent

Why not make this sticky? :smile:

I know of some nice servers, I’ll see if I can find one for you.

The forum was down again just now, site too, I’d say: claim your money back, $600 a year is way to much for a bad quality server…

:yes: It was only down for a short period of time, but being the addict that I am, I have noticed. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any servers that you can move up to. :shrug: Hopefully you’ll move soon. :content:

Me too >_<

Also Q, sorry, but I can’t help ya.

i got a few better ones for about 100euro’s the only problem was the mysql thingy(which was too little)

i’m in the hunt, so far, i have found one candidate, but i’m looking further before moving. I’m still at my current host for 2 more months, since i paid for a year in one go. So before that time is over, we are at a new host. And the sooner the better.
I get btw one extra month free for the latest downtime.


btw Q i just noticed, moogle has more than 1000 posts more than you do, post up a bit:P

you checked my 2nd PM? it had a few hosts too(just checking :tongue:)

yup, i checked it, thanks :smile:

I really need a VPS, no shared hosting. LD4all demands too much resources to be on shared.

I have looked at countless VPS hosts, and still continue looking until I have found it :smile: The host I’m on now has an affordable plan - leaving the sluggishness apart - and i want to be at least at a comparible plan elsewhere, if only to compare the speed afterwards.

That means: at least 512 mb ram, and 417.17 mhz cpu.

budget is $50 monthly, can be slightly higher but then it should be real good.

A good french hoster seems to be They have virtual private servers.

As an example, this site is hosted by them. You can see in the “les lans precedentes” chapter, by clicking on the links “photos”, that photographs upload rather fast.

Now, as sivit is french, they probably can’t speak english. :happy:

thanks basilus :smile:

my french is not so good that I dare to take that jump.

I have decided to stay with my current host until the year is up, because i paid for a year, i still have the right to be hosted until end of august. (otherwise i’m throwing $100 down the drain).

(also, i got one month extra free as compensation for the recent crash)

In the meantime i am researching new hosts possibilities and work with what i have at the current host.

The database size really slows down things, since the dutch forum loads very fast compared to this one. I have made an archive, and will be pruning 2 to 3 years of posts from this one to free up space. I’m currently working on having the same members database for the archive, so that private forums (eg dream diary) are accessible for members only.

So the goal is to be on the new host before august is over.

That sounds like something easy yet dull to do… It will prob take you an afternoon to make the whole Archive work.

You found a new host? :hyper:

i haven’t found the new host yet, but before august is over i will have found one and moved all the data.

I’m also looking into database optimalization to see if i can speed things up a bit.

When the archive is ready i’ll include a link to it in the forum, like the link to the n54 archive.