Help for a noob

I’ve read an article a week or so ago and and thought many times to have a lucid dream. well that didn’t work and by chance i found this site. i read about mild and wild and just about everthign on the main page. My problem is this… I decided to use the WILD technique and so far think i have done well i start to hear a scream or other odd audibles the things you see when you close your eyes kinda start to make pictures… and things are going great but then i realise i am close. this is my first time really trying and i have experienced a tingly feeling three times i think thats the beginning of the hypnogogic state but my heart rate increases tremendously and i start to breath quickly. are there any tips on how to calm myself down from the excitement? i read this entire site today and realised one or two of my errors from the start and once i found that i had my first tingly feeling i held onto it for ashort time. then the bed felt like it was moving like a wave continuosly. the second time i got the feeling for a few seconds and then the last time a few more. please if any one could help me it would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

Hi Ikuru1 :wave:

I’m very impressed to see that you were able to get all those effects on your first WILD attempt :eek: You may be talented :smile: The main tip I can give you to keep calm during all those sensations, is to ignore them as much as you can without paying too much attention to it or thinking about it. Just let them be as they are. The increase in heart rate and breathing problems are hallucinations caused by a magnification of physiological changes which are happening as your body falls asleep, so they’re not really something to worry about. If you start freaking out, it will definitely ruin the experience. The problem with “let them be” might be that it can take a lot of practice, patience and experience before you’re able to effectively stay calm and move deeper into the WILD experience. But it’s definitely worth the effort :wink:

Good luck :smile:

then the bed felt like it was moving like a wave continuosly. written form Ikuru1
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I have it all the time but i never gave attention to it.Is it a side effect when you start to go sleeping??If that’s so i think i will be able to use the WILD and have a lucid dream easier than i thought. :smile:

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Yes it’s on of the possible side effects of your body falling asleep. Happens every night, but one only notices it if the mind is still awake. If you can experience them, you’re already in a pretty decent relaxation state which is required to do WILD.

i’ve never had it but i know it’s natural, don’t pay anny attention to it, you’ll slip into an LD, or, that’s what they tell me:P but i trust these ppl enough to know they’re telling me what really happens when you succeed :tongue:

Although i liked WILD from the first time a friend of mine mentioned LD before i enter this forum -he said it was scary :confused: - i like the WBTB one as well cause i remember that i had dreams when i wake up and then go back to sleep.There is only one problem with the WBTB technique,it seems that i am a cow in waking up,i mean that’s too difficult to me to wake up with one or more alarm clocks-i’ve tested it :cry: :hmmm: :uh: - .Thnx for the quoting tips mystic and sorry to all about the off-topic post.

Thank you guys so much i’ll try again tonight and pay more attention to the pictures which is something else i ment to ask. do i pay more attention to the pictures or concentrate on counting my breathing? Either way this has helped alot and i feel a thousand times better thank you so much.

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Yeah it can be scary at first, especially if you’re not used to the vibrations and noises, or the apparent breathing difficulties which are often experienced during WILD. But you can overcome these initial fears once you realize it’s all normal because they’re signs that the body falls asleep. If you learn to realize that by experience, you’ll have nothing to fear anymore :smile:

Lol yeah it takes some willpower :smile: Autosuggestion could perhaps help. Like, repeat to yourself that you will wake up properly at 6am or whenever you wish to wake up for WBTB.

If you’re starting to relax, you can use the counting to lower your breathing rate. Once you get to see vivid HI, I’d say stop the counting and observe the HI. If this turns out to be too difficult, you can also gently focus on one simple image, like a dream scenario or an object you imagine floating before your eyes. You can also focus on your dream body: imagine it’s very flexible and gently visualize how it sinks into your bed. Various methods are available, but in any case I’d stop counting because that takes too much awareness, while you need to lower your awareness until it’s almost zero, in order to make the transition from waking to dreaming.
Another thing: you’ll probably get the best results with WILD if you do it after you’ve slept for a few hours (most people use 6hrs), because then it’s easier to make the transition to the dream world. If you practice WILD in the evening, it’s generally a lot more difficult because the gap between waking and dreaming is much bigger then.

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