Help for the lazy ones ;D

the last days i made an interesting discovery.
if you are a beginner and want to have a lucid dream, but are too lazy to use WBTB + WILD/MILD then i have something for you.
but first i will show you the normal version.

normal version:(in short)

you adjust your bell to wake you up after 4,5 h or 6 h (7 h is also possible, but i prefer 4,5) of sleep. then you wake up. do things to wake you up like listening to music, going on and/or take a shower and then you go back to bed and perform WILD or MILD ( i prefer MILD, because i’m not really keen on the hallucinations that come after WILD…).

but if you can’t get asleep anymore with WBTB or are simply too lazy to wake up, i have a present for you. here we go.

lazy version:

you adjust your bell to wake you up after 4,5 h or 6 h (7 h is also possible, but i prefer 4,5) of sleep. then you wake up. then you simply drink something or anything else that doesnt take too much time. just staying awake for a minute or so and then you go back to bed, tell yourself you will have a lucid dream (1 time is enough) and voilà… maybe you will have a lucid dream.

i tried it twice and it worked twice. i could hardly remember that i even did a method at all :razz:
i was fascinated that even just being awake for a minute or so can increase the possibility for lucid dreaming so much (maybe it’s a unique case, just fitting for me, but i don’t think so^^)

i hope it will help you :smile:
if not… don’t mind :3

That seems really good if you’re taking a break from practicing those techs. Actually just waking up and thinking about a lucid dream was what has gotten me my very few LD’s. So something very similar to this has worked a few times for me. I was kind of wondering if it worked for anyone else, too. XD

Thanks for sharing, though. :smile:

I’ll try this tonight. It might work might not. Hopefully it will.

The small increase in consciousness and the clearness of your intent in falling asleep that you get from WBTB seems to often be enough to have an LD (at least for some people).

It certainly helped me out when I started getting tired of getting up every night and filling out my dream diary. Doing it properly certainly gives you a better chance but that isn’t for everyone. :grin:

You can wake up, stay laying there and just think of Lding and still heve results.
It’s just about keeping your mind active when you fall back asleep.
So in esence its the same thing

well… i tried this method today. and again a had a lucid dream. for me this seems a bit bizarre, i tried WBTB + WILD + MILD + for the very first 5 days. it didn’t work. i tried this lazy version and i had a lucid dream. i tried it 4 days later and again a lucid dream. the night after the second lucid dream… again. it’s like being too good to be authentic. i even doubt myself that i now had 3 lucid dreams, 13 days after i heard about lucid dreaming… starting with the first after 6. like false memories :tongue:

the funny thing is that before my first lucid dream i could recall up to 4 dreams a night (this being caused by MILD telling myself that i will remember my dreams when i wake up). and since my first lucid dream, i can’t recall normal dreams, i only remember my lucid dreams.

plus, i almost managed to have 2 lucid dreams a night. the second one was only half of a lucid dream. i played football and told my friends to play faster, because i wanted to get lucid xD, kinda weird ~.~

and my lucidity develops. if you say a dream has 10% of lucidity of the reality, then my first and second lucid dreams had 30%, my third had 80-85% (i used the tipps, sadoka and Sandra gave me in one of the threads i started and it worked, but lucidity kept coming after rubbing my hands and vanished again after i stopped).

and even the length of them increases. my first: about 5 seconds, my second: 1-2 minutes, my third: about 10 minutes. it’s like i can naturally separate reality from dreaming… sorry, if it seems like i’m posing or so ._.

and since i only use the lazy version, it seems like being tremendously effective for me.

(sorry for going offtopic)

I actually did the lazy version yesterday without knowing it :content:. I woke up, wrote in my dream journal, went to the toilet and went back to bed and said to myself that I will have a lucid dream maybe once or twice. I tried to do WILD that night but I fell asleep but I still got a LD. :content:

i’m glad it doesn’t just work for me :content:

Well it’s a lot of other techniques. Maybe one of those will work better :wink:

I have actually done this before. When i was on holiday, I was woken in the night by the cruise ships engines rawring when we were docking. I went to the toilet, and went back to bed, I didn’t really say much about lucid dreaming. But when I went to sleep, I just had a lucid dream. I almost instantly knew it was a dream, it was like i had a hightend awareness. For one my friend was a chav in a hoodie, i did a RC and it was a dream.
Gonan try this tonight.

LOL! I do this all of the time, except it’s my dad that wakes me up. (He’ll bellow for my brother to fix the internet for him at all hours of the night, :neutral: ) My dad’ll wake me up with his big mouth because he’s too lazy to go upstairs and fix it himself, :tongue: I’ll be all, “Sweet! He woke me up!” Then whatever I say out loud I’ll usually have an LD with that in it. Then after being awake for about…5 minutes, I’ll go back to sleep. Screw getting up for an hour! I’ll be up all night if I did that! Go lazy method! WHOOO! :grin: Works almost every time for me, too bad I don’t have an alarm clock…

i will give this a try tonight!! i hope it works!!

I’m afraid my alarm don’t like me. I didn’t wake in the night, @_@. Gonna try again.

I think that I use this lazy technique natural :tongue:
Just drink enough water before going to bed. (Be carefull! Don’t dream about going to the toilet!) I wake up because I need to go to the toilet. I think that this is some sort of WBTB and I will have a lucid dream. It works very often ^^

I tried this technique, but it didn’t work :sad:
Too bad, I’m going to try again tonight.

This sounds like it might work, I’ll try it! :smile:

I’ll try this too - and wake myself up with autosuggestion :cool:

woo for autosuggestion! It’s great, I use it all the time for random stuff.

Uh, hey, how does WBTB work? I mean, I know how it works but I’m wondering how awake you need to be for it to work.

Basically you just stay awake for about 30 mins to an hour, doing stuff that has to do with lucid dreaming so it’s fresh on your mind. You shouldn’t be completely awake, just awake enough to be aware and thinking clearly. Don’t let yourself fully wake up during a WBTB…I’ve found that makes it much harder to fall back asleep. Doing it sometime in the middle of the night is easier than doing it sometime in the morning.

woo I noticed your sig has changed, congrats on your 2 lucid dreams! :woot:

thanks for the info, I was just thinking about what’d happen if i woke up too much and couldn’t get back to sleep - sometimes i can get fully awake just by lying in bed.

I suck!! :grrr: