Help Getting the Girl part II

Part I

If I was successful at LDing I would sure be doing a lot more than just asking her out :grin: But I’m not, I’ve had like 5 LDs in 10 months and the majority were in the first couple months.


:rofl: Anyways i agree with what sage quoted, just something simple (movie, coffee, ect.) if you REALLY wanna be safe, then invite her with other people, make her more of a friend, just to make sure that you really like her and visa versa.

I don’t drink coffee :eh: All have to say "Hey, would you like to go get hammered with me next <>? That wouldn’t work either, I’m not much of a drinker and I’m only 17.

By the way, did anyone else realize that this is one of the largest threads on the first page of the lucid lounge?

Well, if you don’t drink coffee, you can always invite her to a nice cup of milk or juice. :cheesy:

Well there’s this place kinda by my house “Booster Juice” hows that or in a mall nearby they sell grass smoothies. (some sort of health buff place)

Not drinking coffee is “A Good Thing” , as is not smoking and not drinking alcohol. I’m just like you in those things , too. However, be aware that you live in a society , with other people, and you cannot afford to be too different IF you want to make friends and contacts.

Smoking is definetely not required (I feel special for NOT smoking and the girls I like appreciate that, as they were probably looking for a non-smoker in the first place- DON’T fall for a smoker, you ll hate it when you kiss her) However you can drink coffee once a month , or in special situations like this. I don’t like coffee either, but I have found that if i pour a great quantity of milk and sugar in it, it becomes much better. I would advise you to try out a freddo capuccino, but I m not sure they serve that in your country. It’s much like milk, only tastier. Anyway, you can drink whatever you want when you go out. You can even eat icecream. There’s no limitation to what you can take.

The drinking thing is an entirely different situation. I don’t drink alcohol because , despite my best efforts, I haven’t managed to get to like it. I like white wine a bit, and perhaps a can of beer. I am NOT against drinking alcohol once in a while, because of ONE simple reason: Alcohol makes you loosen up. If you don’t overdo it (and you mustn’t, because you’ll throw up all over the place) , it can have a good effect on you, when you want to talk to someone and you are afraid to. Be sure, though, to be among a group of friends, just in case. There’s a possibility that alcohol will have the exact opposite effect on you, and that won’t be very nice. And, of course, it goes without saying that you have to be in the right context in order to drink, don’t go out in the middle of the day with a 6-pack ! you 'll look ridiculous. Alcohol is meant to be consumed in places where it’s served because people WANT to loosen up and talk and mingle and…

As you are yet 17, I wouldn’t advise the drinking solution. (bear in mind, I have never used drinking in that way) You can always try later on. College is a good place for that, just don’t make a habit of it.

As for the dreaming ‘solution’ , you can be sure that if you want it very very much, and start fantasizing about it every night before you go to bed, you WILL have a dream about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a LD or not, your subconscious will try to satisfy your ego anyway!
…and trust me on the sunscreen :cool:

Um have you been to Canada. A Canadian is just an unarmed American with healthcare :grin: . What is up with those Americans and their guns? Oh well, when they kill themselves, it will be up to me to rule the world! Mwahaha!

Moving past that, if I agree there’s plenty of other stuff to drink out there besides coffee.

As for alcohol, I feel there are 4 types of drinkers:
-Those that don’t or don’t very often
-Those who know there limits
-Those who have had their stomach pumped to realize I shouldn’t drink so much
-My brother, who keeps drinking after having his stomach pumped numerous times

Where did the sunscreen comment come from? I’m from Canada I’ve only seen pictures of the sun in books

first of all, I m not American. I’m Greek. In Italy and Greece, there are lots of types of coffee to choose from. You don’t see that in other European countries ; I just thought it should be the same everywhere else.

about the sunscreen thing: it was a joke! There’s a song by Baz Luhrmann “Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen” . I felt like the guy for a while, and then I felt ridiculous for saying all those things to you ( no matter how right they are! ) Anyway, listen to it and you 'll get my point :smile:

I just used America as a point of reference to illustrate my country because everyone seems to recognize America. Do you want to help me rule the world when the Americans kill themselves off? :cool: I’ll take the Americas and Africa. The rest is yours :content:

Oh yea my last chance could be tomorrow. There are 2 more school events for grad but with 712 grads its looking doubtful that I’ll see her at the mass or ceremonies. So tomorrow is my last test at high school. Boo Yea!!! My university just got a new engineering program, Biomedical engineering. Sounds interesting but biology is to squishy for me but THE GIRL is going into biological sciences we could get some classes together but thats doubtful eh?

You’re obviously quite enamored with this girl to whom you say you’ve hardly spoken. There’s nothing wrong with that - I’ve been there before. However, no offense, but you’re talking crazy now. Don’t start trying to plan your college career (which is going to effect the rest of your life) around her plans. You’re placing her on a pedestal which nobody will be able to live up to.

I’ve been down the road you’re walking, and it’s not a fun road. You may think this girl is one-in-a-million - that may be, but in a planet of 6 billion people, that means that there are 6000 other girls EXACTLY like her (plus countless others who are like her or better.) There really are plenty of wonderful girls everywhere.

Well, that’s just my advice, take it for what it’s worth. I know it can be hard to see when infatuation blinds you. :alien:

I totally agree with you Sage, you can’t say you love a person until you know everything about them good and bad. Believe me Raging Canadian you are NOT in love with a girl you barely know. And make sure she likes to drink that hippie wheat grass juice stuff before you ask her to go have a drink there with you. And I also couldn’t agree more with osfranky about university, from what all my friends who attend university tell me you can get all the sex there you’ll ever need, and think, you might just meet someone there who’s more compatible with you.

And by the way Raging, with the way cool jokes like “I’m taking over America mwahahaha” it’s a wonder all the girls don’t like you…


“Love? Overated and biochemically no different than eating large quantities of chocolate” Al Pacino (Devil’s Advocate)

I never said I would take biomedical engineering I just said I could. Or at least I meant to. And whats wrong with my jokes? They go over big in Canada, almost as good as mocking Chretien eh?

And I don’t remember every using the word love. Like is the strongest word I used IIRC.

Thats definitely not true. You can be terribly in love, beyond description, with a girl you have only seen one or two times. Maybe you haven’t even spoken to her. Maybe “being in love” and “really knowing someone” are more like opposites than like equals. Really.


uhhh…I’m Canadian as well and uhhh… so like do you live in Newfoundland I guess is my question? By the way I live in Ontario and I’ll be moving to Ottawa in a couple of months.

P.S. i am aware that you didn’t actually use the words love but you seem very infactuated to say the least…

And if you are in love with someone you don’t know they could turn out to be very different than what you thought if you get to know them.

Finally, what religion are you? Christian?

I don’t understand religion, especially Christianity… You can’t eat meat on Friday but if a priest gets it on with the little league team that’s not a particular cause for alarm. Hehehehe…

Here’s a quote to help destroy your gullibility…er…faith

“Religion is the greatest tool for keeping the poor from murdering the rich” - Napoleon

…and trust me on the beer! :cool:

GO MABUS!!! Oh, advice… yeah. If any girls are posting here, your opinions are worth 3 of the guys’. Trust me. Post now if you want to help this dude. And state your gender too so we can seperate the important posts from the male posts. But anyway I am always too chicken to ask a girl out even if I’ll never see her again if I fail… Maybe I just don’t want hurt. I’m quite small (15) right now so I can’t offer that much advice, but just don’t get too excited about it. Don’t think of how good she is- just think of her bad qualities. How well do you actually know her? I find being skeptical and critical helps me really think of the picture of the girl I have in mind. Once you have made her a little less appealing, you can ask her out there. Oh yeah never let anyone else know about it, if you get hurt in front of them, no matter if they forget it or don’t care about it- they will remind you whenever you see them.

Just stay calm and know you have our support.

On a lighter note:
I’m American.
HI. :grrr:
j/k I really think Bush is doing horrible at running the country especially with all the unnecessary fighting. I also think we have a loser military and an expensive jail system. Sheesh with the condition America is running in these days, the workers have to support the criminals. I say we just give fines and death penalties. Some people would actually prefer to be in jail- free food, free shelter, free sex :smile:

Er, anyway, reading these posts causes me pain for some reason. I feel sorry for you- some bastard figured out I liked her and told her, now she avoids me- I think she’s scared of me now. Yeah I really must suck don’t I. Anyway I’m going to spare her the obligation of rejecting me, I already know how it will turn out- and now half my school knows it too.

Must… escape… reality…

Ouch that story hurt even me. I’m sorry bout that.

In my opinon there’s even a difference between “being in love” and “loving”.

I’m Christian BTW, I eat meat on Fridays. And the percentage of priests that are pedaphiles is lower than the percentage of regular population that are pedaphiles. Currently there are screening processes in place to keep pedaphiles from becoming priests they just weren’t in place in the days these perverts are from.

I’m from Alberta baby and the only mad cow here is brothers girlfriend.

Unless something is done about all the appeals death row prisoners make, its more expensive to kill em than to feed, shelter, and get em laid for the rest of their lives.

As for religious qoutes hows this one by Karl Marx(I don’t have it infront of me so don’t nitpick the exact wording):

Religion is the opium of the masses.

The Girl
Well I saw her before the test, she was in a group so I wussed out again. I saw her after the test I caught her alone. Made some small talk. Mentioned this may be the last time we saw each other. Didn’t seem overly bothered by the fact. Moving on:

So lotsa sex in university right? This should be compounded by the fact I’m in the “cool” faculty. We have all the crazy events and Eng Week.
Go Go concrete tobogan racing :cool_laugh:

I’m aware that the percentage of priests who are pedophiles is lower than that of the regular population but what I’m saying is that these are the people who when I was young told me never to masturbate, have sex, drink, swear, lie, or I would burn forever and ever while an indifferent god looked the other way. If right now you could prove to me that the Christian God does exist I still wouldn’t pray because I tend to not like to hang around tight-ass sadists.

Religion is just a stupid, primitive way of living. Look at the Greeks. We read ancient Greek books like Hercules and The Odessy we think about how people at the time in which these books were written believed these things to be true and we laugh. I think it’s the same with the bible. Hopefully in the not to distant future our decendents will be reading this stuff in an english class and examining it for what it is - a book, stories, not the word of God, but as a lovely peice of fiction.

Religion is nothing but a scare tactic to control the masses.

I prefer to believe in a god that wants we to use the reason and good judgement that he/she or nature has given me.


“Religion, or to be more specific Christianity and Islam are nothing more than sytems designed to preserve themselves” - Mabus


I feel bad for ya Infection but at least you know how she feels. And besides, fortune favours the bold. Don’t worry Ms. Right’ll come along some day. And hopefully when she does she’ll have a sister that you can introduce to Raging. lol


“Uhhh… Quotes are nice?!” - Mabus

Well, I agree with the last quote, just not in the context you had it in. :wink:
I guess it gets down to a matter of what love really is. I’ve been “madly in love” with a girl I’ve only seen once or twice. And I’ve been in relationships where I was truly in love. There is a difference. It might be hard to put in words, but love transcends enchantment/infatuation.

Mabus there are already university classes studying the Bible as literature. And I have doubts that your priest actually said those things to you I find that the religion is based on more love and forgiveness, universal things, than just scaring youths with threats of eternal damnation.

What does praying have to do with tight assed sadists? I’m not exactly a devout Christian, quite agnostic to be specific but tight assed sadists? I don’t pray. Gandhi didn’t pray to the Christian God, he wasn’t even Christian but he is considered to have gone to heaven based on living a good life.

Where does it say you’re not supposed to use the reason and good judgement you were given? It sure isn’t in the parts talking about making choices and free will.

And when did this become a religious debate? This was supposed help to get some quality time with the ladies. Debating theology ain’t gonna get any of us the luvin’ we deserve.

Sage, from your point of view what are the differences?