HELP: How to create a LD group IRL

Hi everyone,

I would like to host/to create a kind of LD group IRL. I am now living in Berlin (in case someone already live there :tongue: )

So if someone has already tried to do this or has already have this kind of experience. I would be really happy to get any feedback or idea!

So until now my plan was the following:
Finding a place to host the event (a bar pretty cheap / not too loud / comfortable).
Having the event every week for one hour.
Starting every meeting with a small “class” on a specific technique /thing to try.

Then come the other issues: What to discuss? What if every people have not the same level (people who have never had a LD and more experienced people).

Thank you for your opinion, ideas and experiences! :happy:

Hi Koal44,

I praise your attempt on creating a group. I am not sure if you want to create a very large group or a group of friends talking about LDing.

  1. I am not sure if you would find enough people to host an event like this every week in a single place, then check for more people in Berlin if you want to host it there; Maybe you should reduce the frequency of the event;
  2. That idea of having a “class” inside a bar sounds like Pint of Science events; read about them for more details. They happen only once per year but last for a series of days.
  3. If you really intend to start with that class, you should establish the schedule of these classes prior to the events;
  4. If you just want to have a small group of friends, then you could simple create a list of topics to be brought there, decide who is going to host about it and chat about it, it could have even better result than a class.

I hope it helps.

hi Tggtt,

first, thank you for your answers.
I was thinking of creating a group of around 4-8 people.
Creating a real class wasn’t really my idea. I would better like some kind of exchange between everyone with a main topic. But for those who have never LDed, starting the event with someone explaining a technique to LD could be a nice start…
I wanted the event to be opened to everyone, and therefore I can expect to be the only one capable of LDing the first times…

I was also thinking of doing the event more every 2 weeks (maybe 3). For me 2 weeks is nice to keep the challenge/topic/objective in mind before having a new one.

Any ideas of website where to post my event?
I thought of Couchsurfing and Meetup but I am not sure whether those are the best choices…

Thank you for your input!

Hi Koal44,

Sorry, I am not used to these websites.
Remember that it is probably a good idea to post about it here as well.

Btw, you could attempt your LD goal for the monthly quest.