Help!!! How to Lucid Dream Faster!!!

Hello :smile: , I’ve heard of Lucid Dreaming, and known about Lucid Dreaming for about 7 or 8 months, since then I’ve been trying to induce a Lucid Dream without success, then I stumbled upon this website with binurial beats and I bought the lucid dream induction under products, and after listening to it for about a week or so, I had my first lucid dream where I performed a couple reality checks and knew that I was dreaming. Then, my computer had a hardware crash, and I lost the mp3, so I bought it again… and I’ve been listening to it for about 3 or 4 days so far, without much success more than vivid dreams (and I want to LD fast!!! because it’s so cool!!!) The user guide for this lucid dreaming induction mp3 doesn’t say what kind of method it is (WILD, or MILD or whatever), it just says to listen to it with stereo headphones just before bed, and the binurial tones will do the rest to put you in the state for Lucid dreaming. I’m the kind of person who likes to Lucid Dream fast, and not have to keep a dream journal or remember my dreams… How can I speed up this process to Lucid Dream faster. Is it possible to use the WILD method or another method with the binurial beats LD mp3? Please Reply!!!

P.S. - I tried the WILD method last night by remaining completely still, and not moving an inch, trying to enter sleep paralysis, and I felt my body stiffining and kind of feeling like wax and my muscles were twitching, but after an hour ,I didn’t enter sleep paralysis completely, or go into the hypnogagic state. If I use this method with the binurial beats mp3, can you tell me what I did wrong?
Thanks, :smile: Chris

Hello there! I’m pretty sure that we all want LD fast, but unfortunately this thing takes time and practice. Keeping a DJ (dream journal) is a must. You need to have good recall and keeping a DJ is the best way of improving that. As I assume you are a beginner (much like me), I would not suggest using WILD as your first technique. You can practice it, and who knows, you might have good luck with it, but usually, it won’t work. However, there are many, many more techniques for you to choose from on this website. Find the one(s) that work best for you!
Good Luck, and happy lucid dreams :smile: .

THNKS, I will try to keep a DJ, with listening to the binurial tones at night on my ipod… until I suceed, can anyone else tell me any other techniques that might work with my binurial beats mp3 on my ipod :smile:, also if anyone is good at the WILD technique can you tell me how you did it, and how to do it right, and what I did wrong… THNKS, any other ideas are all welcome :smile:

dont listen to the beats before you go to sleep, do a WBTB and then put on the beats. you might have more succes by doing that.

Is that how you have most of your LD 's… I’ll try that, I’ll listen to it before I sleep & then use the WBTB and read my book about Lucid Dreaming for about a half-an-hour, and then listen to the binurial beats… I probably should also tell myself I’m going to have a lucid dream before going back to bed, don’t you think? But, how do I get myself to wake up that early? Also, I’ll also incorprate keeping a dream journal…, please reply Chime…
And also is anyone here really good at WILD method… can you tell me what I did wrong when I tried it, and why I didn’t have a Lucid Dream (the 2 times I tried it I feel asleep in the middle of it, a little bit in paralysis mode, and the second time, I sat there for about an hour or even longer, in partial parlysis (I guess), without having any luck…

THNKS :smile:

stay patient. It won’t work, if you want it too much.

Thank you everyone for helping me out… trying to do the WBTB didn’t work for me, but you’re right, it’s good to be patient, and I will try to listen to the binurial beats every night and keep a dream journal… I do remember when I had my first LD, I was listening to the binurial beats mp3, and then I turned the music off and fell asleep. I awoke near the morning time, but not all the way, and I didn’t even open my eyes, and then I remembered about LD and I fell back into sleep having a LD. What is this method called, and maybe this is the one that will work for me with the binurial beats mp3… Please Reply, thanks, all appreciated :smile:

Well first of all you need basis to start with. It’s very hard to build a house without foundations, right?

So in my opinion all you need to be lucid is actually being lucid.

2 techniques will help you with this: LL and ADA…

They are hard techniques if you consider them hard just like lucid dreaming itself.
MILD, WILD, FILD, RCILD, DILD, DEILD and others are only induction techniques which will not ensure lucid dreams.

Every induction technique has specific things which are considered to be foundation to the technique itself. For instance MILD requires very good mnemonic memory which you need to develop in order to MILD get working.

WILD needs that too, but as specific tech it has it’s own things you need to learn: patience, not moving, entering dreams, coping with SP, etc…

And other techs have other things but they all have basics like: DR, awareness, patience, RC’ing, etc…

My point is if you follow guides for techniques and if you don’t learn what it means to be lucid and if you don’t learn the basis then induction techniques will only work now and then.

So start from the beginning and when you learn basis then choose induction technique and learn it. Spend few months until you are certain that it’s not the right tech for you…

Good luck!

Thnks, that really helped, quick question: do I have to enter sleep paralysis when I’m practicing WILD, also what method was I using when I was almost waking up from my dream, by then said I wanted to become Lucid and fell back asleep, all in bed with my eyes clothes, thnks :smile:

Sounds like you did a DEILD (dream exit induced Lucid dream). And yes, I’m pretty sure you need to go into sleep paralysis to do a WILD but instead you could try going right into SP, there’s a video on how to do that here.