Help i can't see

When ever i ld my vision will never fix every thing is very blurry or i can see only out of my right eye and my left eye is extremely blurry so i cant see well i’ve tried things like raising lucidity and yelling stuff like increase sight or raise sight but nothing
Can anybody help?! :cry: [/left]

I have had this problem before too. But only when i really wanted a lucid dream or to see vividly. Maybe it would help if you tried to relax while in that state. Like do something exhilarating like fly or breathe rythmatically or something. It works for me when i can’t see. One time when I could not see in a dream i put on a pair of glasses. I know it sounds funny but that is what solved it.

I had this exact problem in my last 2 lucid dreams. So, what I did in the second dream is I focused incredibly closely on my hands, thinking of every detail I could about them. When they finally came into detail (perfectly clear, like reality) they had 4 small cuts and a few insect bits looking things on them. :bored:
However, for the rest of the dream, my surroundings were perfectly clear and I could see as well as I normally can. The next time this happens, try really focusing on something close by until you can clearly see the details of it. The details of everything else should follow.

ive thought about the glasses but it has happened even when i was flying and i never thought about focusing on one thing thanks guys

That happens to me too.
the blurry thing.
But what your talking about with the left eye seems symbolic.
anyway try making eye contact with a DC, that worked for me once.

well this has never happened to me before, but I can offer a suggestion…
Have absolute confidence. Whenever I start to doubt I will be able to fly in a dream, or things will go wrong, like I won’t be able to jump into that mirror, it goes wrong. Have 100% confidence that your vision will be fine, and it will.
This happens to me with flying. I usually fly like peter-pan. But a couple times I thought in my head for just a second “What if this technique doesn’t work?”, and then it doesn’t work and fails. Confidence is the key. :wink:

no its not a technique or confidence or actual lucidity level. I just cant see out of that one eye.

Try to spawn some glasses or go to an opticer :cool_laugh: (I mean in an LD)

sometimes i have really great clear vision and i just look at people or items and :eek: at how sharp it all it. but alot of times i have dreams where my vision is partially blocked, like last night i had a lucid dream and it just kept getting more and more clear until randomly my field of vision was like a hole i was peeking through or something, so i tried to spin but it just kept getting darker little by little. other times ill lose vision in one eye or itll seem like i have hair covering my eyes or something, or if i fly sometimes the scenery below wont show up it will just seem like the darkest night or like an eclipse happened or something with minor outlines to everything.

why does this happen and how can i stop it? :bored: do i have the worlds worst imagination

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argh, I’ve had this too and it sucks… :sad: But it’s not your imagination, I mean, sometimes it’s crystal clear, right? :wink:

not sure if I can help… but you can try to open your dream eyes, that worked for me a few times… maybe even pry them open with your fingers :happy: or just try to imagine how it would be if your vision was perfect. Tking deap breaths I think helps too.

I have had strange blockages in my vision in two lucid dreams so far, but not in my most recent dream. I asked for help here but got no responses so I tried over at dream views and got some suggestions:


try closing your eyes and just concentrate for a minute. with your eyes closedimagine where you are standing. keep imagining it till it looks like the real thing. congrats! you didnt open your eyes but you can see now!