Help I think I'm psykic

okay this may seem strange but the day b4 i got my progress report i dreamed(okay im no good at spelling) my exact dreams! No i dont get strait Fs or strait As and no my teachers did not tell us our grades b4hand. Also the night b4 9/11 (very very very sad) i dreamed(again with spelling) that there was a huge disaster!!!

sry i made a mistake i sayed i dreamed my exact dream but i ment i dreamed my exact grades sry

Depends if you believe in precognitive dreams or not. I for one don’t.
It’s just matter of belief.

I’m not calling you a liar. I’d say it was just a coincidence.


Compile a dream journal. If you are psychic, over time your journal will show it.

dowloadmaster you should get a cheap notebook and record your dreams like the person in f f the spirits within. see you later download at your house or mine.

hmm…I find I have to dream of something about 3 times for it to come true. Example:

Dreamed of tonardo’s around my area…withing a couple of days, a really bad storms hitsa and a bunch of tornadoes form around my house.

Dreamed about this one water tower on our hill being torn down…next month, its gone.

Dreamed of a desert war…within the next months…War on Terroism.

Sometimes I can see or hear what other people hear and there somewhere else. not often at all though…

I have heard somewere somthin about dreams. I heard that dreams warn you about future actions. If you dream most of the time somthin happens to come true try to tell people and then they say your phscic then you can try to make people to pay for tellin there future. if you dont get a dream about there futur tell them you couldnt see it was to blurry and give them there money back or make somthin up. i have tried it a couple of times with my neighbors. i made them pay a 10cents every time they asked me to seek there futur half the time i made crap up.

We had a thread about Psi and Psi tests on the old forum unfortunately I can’t remember the link so you have to wait till they move the old posts over.


Well, it could just be coincidence, or they could be precognitive dreams. I’ve had these before and somehow they have a much different feeling to them, so when ever i have a dream with that feeling i make sure i remember them to see if they happen, and sure enough they do. So try to see if there is any difference in the feeling that you have with those dreams than other ones.

I have always believed the human mind can go beyond what we accept as normal and do things like pk, esp, etc. However, I tried tests in the past and came up pretty bad before. However, recently I had an event that gives me hope of my abilities. I was in school, English class I believe, and I had like a deja vu. Only it was different, instead of feeling this has happened before, while it is happening, I just knew in advance. Two people sitting next to me were talking. About five seconds before they said something, I kinda remembered sitting there before, and what they were saying. I knew in advance what they said, about 3 sentances word for word, in the same place and time as I had “precognised” if that’s a word.

Several weeks ago I had two dreams in one week that seemed precognitive. However, when I thought about it it could also be that I ‘predicted’ the future from thing that were already in my mind, but not into my attention. So it was merely a ‘logical’ construct of things I already knew. If I had consiously thought about it before, I had predicted the same thing probably. We also pick up a lot of stuff that is being processed by our brain without being consious of it. For example: if I mess things up at work and I dream I get sacked, it was not precognitive if I lose my job IRL.

Our memory works by linking events to other memories. Not by storing it as it was. Our memory is not a video cam. People tell different stories even 10 minutes after - for example - a car accident, but they saw the same thing happening. Little details change, like the color of the drivers’ hair. Over time more changes occur.
What I mean to say is that it is essential to our brain to see as much similarities as possible to other events for storing and learning purposes, even if there are no real similarities. It is also very essential in our learning process. (Look for research of prof. Robert Stickgold on the web. He did some relevant research regarding dreams, brain and learning).

So, if we interpret a dream we will automaticly see similarities with present reality, that where not there at the time of the dream, and thus calling the dream precognitive.

You can only be pretty sure a drerams was precognitive, if there was no sign whatsoever out of which you could construct a ‘possible’ future. If you dream about a meteorite hitting your house while you are watching TV and it happens there was no way you could know that. So the best way to find out about precognitive dreams is to write down all dreams you remember and compare them to reality. See which dreams are left as precognitive if you eliminate all dreams about things you already ‘knew’ by picking up stuff from your surroundings (the news etc…), and eliminating the dreams that were not really precognitive but only interpreted that was because there was some similarity. If you still have left more dreams than could be expected by coincidence, there is a possiblility of precognitance.

I am not saying that precognitive dreaming is not possible. I have not enough knowledge to make such a statement :wink: , but I think a lot of dreams that we we call precognitive are in fact not.

  • Because we see things in retrospective, that were not there at the time of dreaming
  • Because we already knew what was going to happen, but it was not consious yet

Just my 2 cents :smile:

But you see, I had no control about what they were saying. Not only that the topic was pretty unusual, so it’s not very likely I could have predicted it. And after all that, I knew like 4 sentances they said to each other word for word.

Used to have them all the time before, not about big things, just little things that would happen next day

When I have them they’re normally relatively small things, but they happen about a month or 2 later though.

I’ll dream of small things that happen through the day. kind of like deja vu. The only important thing i dreampt about was 9/11, but i assumed at the time that it was just a nightmare.

Jabbervock, me too! Usually 1 or two months later it happens. Lately tho, they have been spanning out longer and longer time frames… 6 months - 2 years. I have to buy a bullet proof vest tho :} My latest one is me getting shot :meh: Ralph

indeed. I had a dream about it. Anyway, i love the song :smile:

Relevent to this thread is the term Confirmation Bias, heres a link to the definition:

Well downloadmaster2049…

the most important thing is that you musnt let it be a burden to you…
but a gift!

And if it doesnt make your life more complete its useless…
Many ppl think of psi things as a gift of wonder but sometimes
it can also be a burden…