Help! I want it to stop.

I have been experiencing periods of unwanted lucid dreaming throughout the day without any effort on my part. It interferes with my day to day life as I am suddenly overcome with fluttering eyelids and dreams while I am still awake. I suffer from a very extreme anxious/dissociative disorder with non typical symptoms such as feeling I am on the very edge of death and experiencing a loss of connection with my surroundings. I am internally terribly agitated and quite often feel as though I have to force myself to breathe or I would slip away. I have doctors on board and am prescribed antidepressant medication but they say the dreaming is anxiety related. Strangely I never feel tired at night and have difficulty getting off to sleep. I just want it to stop. Any advice?

You should talk to Lumessence! she knows a lot about this. I’ll tell her to look at this.

Sounds like a medical issue, not a lucid dreaming issue, I would go to a doctor, an oneirologist, if it is really a problem. A group of people that change their dreams into lucid dreams can’t stop someone from randomly episodes of narcolepsy. A normal doctor or a psychiatrist won’t know much about this.

I can’t say I’m very comfortable being put in the spotlight as a source of reliance, especially when I’m not that confident about myself to begin with…

I’ll say what I can, but don’t put all your faith in me…
What you’re describing is accurate in a lot of ways to something I’ve been dealing with my entire life. So I can’t quite relate to the severity of this oncoming issue, but you may want to read up on these two:

Maladaptive Daydreaming, and Fantasy Prone Personality Disorder.

Don’t quote me on that, or declare that that is actually what it is, but it may be worth looking at, and might provide a little insight.

a thing like that always happens to me like i’ll be walking some where then in a blink of an eye i’m there and other times i feel like i’m watching through some one elses eyes like while i’m typing this it is happening or other times i just zone out in to like a day dream that almost feels real, it’s possibly because i’m always dreaming up new story’s while i walk,listen to music or just sitting there. that is also why i want to start having LDs(i can only slightly remember having a low level lucid a few years ago) so i can play out some of those story’s and meet some of the characters(i possibly have just i rarely remember dreams and if i do they are only very small snipets like one scene or so).

Thanks Lumessence. Maladaptive daydreaming: “Seventy-nine percent of those self-identified as having excessive daydreams had a kinesthetic repetitive movement accompany their daydreaming.”

Yep, I shake my hands in a pattern when I daydream. I did this in a FLD once too, to help me imagine huge flames burning a monster. The hand movement somehow helps me focus on multiple fast actions in a dream or a daydream.