Help me achieve my first Lucid Dream please.

Hi everyone!
I´m 16 and I saw a post on a website (9gag9), with very little information and I wanted to add some adventure to my boring student life. Heres what the post pretty much said: “Lie on your back and close your eyes. Stay still for 30 minutes and your body will send you signals such as itching to check if you are sleeping or not, and you should NOT respond to these signals. You will start getting all sort of hallucinations. You are now in sleep paralysis. Your body is sleeping but your mind is not. Close your eyes and now you will enter a lucid dream and you will have full control of your dreams.”
This scared but excited me at the same time so I did some research. I found out about the sleep cycles, the WBTB methot, dream diary etc. I´m starting to write my dreams on my diary whenever I see any. Anyways, here is how my first time went like, where I did not know about the WBTB method.
I went to sleep early, at 9 pm and closed my eyes, stayed still for 30 mins. After thirty minutes my bed started shaking, just like an earthquake was happening. I realised I was in SP and opened my eyes, and I could see some lights,but the view was really blurry, I mean it was all black. I did not know what to do and I tried to move, and I did movemy leg. So I was not paralysed? I could feel this numbness feeling on my leg though, so I know something went “right”.
Today I tried it again. I went to sleep at 11pm and woke up at 3:20pm, decided to do this with my cousin. I stayed still but my stupid cousing after about 15 minutes got out of the bed and said Ï accidentaly moved my hand, I am giving up". He then put some music on his ipod with his earphones on but he would sing from time to time and that really distracted me. So the WBTB thing was kinda ruined. Anyway I “woke up” and yelled at him, and waited for about 45 mins until he fell asleep, then I tried it again.
Okay so this time I was laying on my back, with my arms and legs straight. I stayed for 30 minutes like this and I could not feel anything different. I opened my eyes and yeah I was seeing faded lights, and the room was kinda more lit than it used to be when I fell asleep, but I only realised this when I woke up.
Now I was really affraid to see if i could move or not because the first time I tried it, I was in SP (I was right, since I felt my bed shaking), but still moved my leg. So I closed my eyes and tried to achieve a LD. I started concentrating and I could see tiny little lights coming towards me, there were thousands and it looked like I was in space, the lights were stars coming upon me. I just kept concentrating and my eyes started twitching a lot. While trying to concentrate, I would feel powerful numbness through my body, kinda like a shock wave, but not extreme. Anyways my eyes started twitching to that point where I didnt realise they were actually open (the twitch was powerful and it must have opened my eyes at some point), however I got up and did reality checks, but no, I was in the real world :sad:. I could again feel my legs numb.
So here are my questions

  1. Im having problems even with SP, why cant I enter that, Its supposed to be really easy right? Why can my legs still move if I try?
  2. Am I doing this right? How do I know when Im about to enter SP and can open my eyes to see if Im having hallucinations, without ruining the whole thing?
    3)Can I sleep iin a different position (turned to the left or to the right)?
  3. After entering SP, HOW do I exactly enter a LD?
    5)Also I read a thread about WILD here, but honestly it doesent explain how to achieve it. How do I do it? Is it better than what Im doing?
    Sorry for the long story, Im just really confused and I need some help and advice :sad: .
  1. Nuh-uh. It takes practice.
  2. The hallucinations will be in your head!
  3. I think so.
  4. Watch the lights, then the hallucinations, but stay aware.
  5. It varies. Whatever is good for you is best.
    Also, you should know that WILD is not the only method.
  1. Usually, WILD is the method that uses this process… and I think WILD isn’t really recommended for beginners :confused:
  2. You don’t actually open your eyes in real life, you will hallucinate as if they were open :grin:
  3. People told me that, yes you can, it is actually more confortable for me when I’m trying WILD
  4. You don’t even need to pass through the SP itself, you’ll basically live the hallucinations to enter a dream being lucid (never tested myself)
  5. You’re already doing WILD :eek: but, before trying to get lucid using techniques, try to search more about awareness, lucidity level, how things are going to work there, search about reality checks. :neutral:

My first lucid dreams unexpected, I used to pass through a door and see the that the world was more vivid, or I just looked at my hands and suddenly noticed something different. I suggest MILD and WBTB + WILD, also keep a DJ, increase your DR and really go for it, lucid dreaming isn’t just about a dream, it is about your mind and how do you discover/control/interact with it.

And I saw these posts on 9gag… It just made me remember how I got lazy over LD

Okay so I need to watch the lights and then the hallucinations, but what do I need to stay aware of? Is it normal that my eyes are twitching and force me to open them? Should I resist?