Help me out? Feeling horrible

I’m feeling really down today. My gf of a year broke up with me, out of the blue, and I would really appreciate some moral support at this time of my life.

Dont feel down, the classic we all hate to hear, There’s plenty more fish in the sea, its true tough.

Btw I know you probably dont want to hear about it, but this is a great oppertunity for your Lucid Dreams. When it ended with my ex a few months ago I dreamed of her everynight, very long dreams. It was extremly painful and really drove me into “hell”. At first I was just enjoying the dreams sharing my time with her but I coulnt do that anymore. It was as if the only time I was happy and at peace was when I was asleep dreaming of her, cause thats the place I could meet her. I started to remind myself that We are not togheter, and for her to appear in my dreams tells me instantly that Im dreaming, cause we arent(So the sad can be a tremendous boosting for your Lucid Dreaming).

Just dont do anything stupid, It’s never that bad I promise you, take my word for it. I’ve been to hell, and im glad to say that I survived that journey. As churchill said. If your walking trough hell, keep going. Don’t ever give in to sorrow. I died 2 times before I finally woke up to what was going on with my pshyce.

Stay strong my brother from another mother! And if ya ever need to chat or so lemme kno. :smile:

Tough times. Been there…more than once, too. It won’t last forever…and, if you can resist the compulsion to indulge too deeply in despair, you will be far stronger…and more open to higher experiences, still. I believe this :smile: