Help me out with this WBTB thing... My pattern is odd

Hi guys…

I’m gonna try WBTB for the first time, I’ve tried MILD four times, which the two last tries worked (for two minutes or so).

My problem is, after waking up after six hours, and staying up an whole hour, how the hell am I supposed to get to sleep again? I will be fully awake, and it will be impossible to fall asleep again :sad: (PS: I don’t wanna use any sleeping pills).

  • This I think seems like a weird problem, everytime I’ve tried this lucid stuff, I first sleep for 8-9 hours without having ANY dreams, or at least not remembering ONE fragment of a dream…(wich leaves me thinking I didn’t dream), but after sleeping 8-9 hours, I allways dream the last hour… But that last hour goes like a blink, it dosen’t last long at all… and i usually don’t get lucid before loooooong after the dream (wich isn’t that strange concidering I just started)… But I just wanna know, that even if I dont have dreams untill after at least 8 hours of sleep, will I then get any dreams after waking up in 6 hours, and then sleep again?

Please tell me every one of you dosen’t have to stay awake for a full hour before they go to sleep using the WBTB, cause for me it seems impossible to even get sleepy that way…

Sorry for my high newb-levelness… I’m allmost reaching the not that much of a pain-in-the-but newb as before, but I hope you guys understand that, when you are new to something, questions pops up everywhere, and us noobs are all the same :smile: …why bother searching for something when somebody else can do it for you (jk ) :smile:

Love to all

Just try it, it’s not a disaster if you don’t manage to fall asleep! If this should happen, then next time you can try getting up earlier, for example after 5:30 hours, or 5 hours. But you sleep more than 9 hours, so I think getting up after 6 hours will not keep you from falling asleep again. I sleep around 7 hours and prefer to wake up for wbtb after 5 hours of sleep. And yes you have dreams during the whole night, with periods of deep dreamless sleep in between, everybody has those dream cycles, you just don’t remember all of them (me neither). WBTB really enhances my dream memory so it may also help you with dream recall. Good luck :smile:

Thanks man, you helped alot… LD4all moderators sure kick all the other (any)forum-moderators ass!!!

Thanks Johan…

You can also try to variate the time you stay awake, from 1 minute to 1 hour, theres a lot of possibilities. Experiment a lot and in the end you will find the right forumula that suits you!