Help me please to get rid of this.

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I’m new here so If there’s any smilar post I’m sorry for that.
Few days ago I just discovered what lucid dream is. I did not know but for about 5 years I’ve had many of that kind of dreams. I’ve never done any practises to have lucid dreams I just wanted to ask people who know something about it because I am not sure what to think about my problem. Although of having many of nice lucid dreams ( I could do what I wanted to do like flying or meeting people I want to meet) I had many nightmares… I was aware of my real life, I did know that I dream but I could not wake up. It’s like kind of paralysis during dreaming. Usually somebody’s chasing me or want to kill me. Although I really want to open my eyes I’m just not able to! Usually when I wake up I shout loudly calling my mother, my body is wet and I can not fall asleep again.I just want to get rid of this dreams because for me it is a horrible feeling. I mean it. Something Like I was buried alive. Some people told me that I am possesed by devil but I think that I am normal person. Please help me.

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Sounds like you’ve been having a creepy time while dreaming . Well i never get nightmares but i know one thing. Whenever you’re having one you cant be lucid, because lucid dreaming is “awakening” in your dream and controlling it. You should try mastering LDing and getting over your fears and nightmares. Use some awesome super power to destroy whoever’s chassing you or just ask him who he is and why he’s after you. It’s your dream and you’re the one who should have control over it. Hope LDing helps you get over any nightmares

Well… why don’t you try to get to understand what those people want? I mean you know it is a dream right? so nothing can harm you any way but for giving you some fear (and believe me that’s one of the most normal/needed feelings in life)… why don’t you just confront them and ask them what do they want? chances are they will be really less frightening then… and maybe even tell you something useful about yourself…

instead of opening your eyes, why not try to close them? blinking my eyes hard is for me the most sure way to wake myself up from any dream. Also, the knowledge that it is all only a dream and it is impossible for a dream image to hurt us, helps a lot. :cool: Like SD said, you can be in control. You own your own dream.

The first thing I usually try to do after waking up during my nightmare is to open my eyes. I don’t know it just comes naturally. I’ve never tried to face the person who is following me because I am so scared that I can not open my eyes, that I stop to think, usually I am very panicked. One thing that I am sure of it is that I am mentally awake. I can even hear voice of my mother or m dogs moves. But I still can not wake up.

I can’t tell you how to wake up at will, because I always want to stay in the dream. My problem in the opposite, my lucid dreams don’t last long enough.
As people have said, nothing can hurt you in a dream, so you’re safe. And if you can’t get rid of the frightening images, practise dream control, unless you want to face the terror.
Instead of running away, fly away! Or you can learn to summon protectors. You can even learn to disappear. Needless to say, you may need to practise before you can use these skills with ease, and feel safe. I bet that when you do feel safe, the scary things will become less common.
Rule of thumb, Don’t panic!

Perhaps you could try a technique that has varying effects on people when they are dreaming. The technique that I’m thinking of is spinning. As far as I know this usually causes one of three things to happen.

  • You will teleport away somewhere (Perhaps if you had somewhere you feel safe, in your mind at the time it might help :smile: )
  • You will dream that you have woken up (False Awakening) this doesn’t get you out of the dream, but it should at least get your eyes opened :wink:
  • You really will wake up. In this case that doesn’t seem to be a problem, perhaps it is even what you want.

To do it you would just spin on the spot, with somewhere you feel safe and happy, in your mind. Good luck on getting through the nightmares :bored:

I can’t help but think of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy from that :tongue:

When i was a child (around the age of 6) i had nightmares almost every day. Until there was a moment that i really did not want to have them anymore. So what i did was as soon as i went to bed i started to “write” on my pillows with my finger. I wrote: “Ik wil geen nachtmerries meer, geef me astublieft geen nachtmerries meer” (or in english: “I dont want to have nightmares anymore, please dont give me nightmares”) And i repeated writing it at the exact same place. And i really believed that this caused me not to have nightmares anymore. The key point to this, as with everything that involves dreaming is believing. You really have to believe that because it is in YOUR mind and YOU are writing/asking or better yet demanding that YOU dont want nightmares, that YOU WONT get nightmares.

I really like that idea, one of the best things about it is that you don’t need to get lucid to use it. :smile: The only small suggestion I would make, would be to use a more affirmative tone. So you would use “I will not have nightmares” instead and like Marcje said, really believe it.

I can’t offer advice on techniques because I’m new to this world myself, but I can assure you that nightmares are nothing sinister, just manifestations of insecurities or fears you have, and we all have them. The only times I used to realise I was dreaming before finding this website was when I was having nightmares, because they’re a bit more intense than most normal dreams, in that they trigger the primal instinct to flee. I used to wake up, when I realised I was dreaming, although I do have these nightmares where I do things I’m not supposed to and wake up thinking “Oh no. What have I done?” before I realise it was a dream.

Anyway, don’t worry about them. You are a normal person.

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