Help me! - Third Person Viewing in Dreams

Okay, so I’ve been trying to have an LD for a while now. I guess three or four months. But I found out that most of my dreams don’t involve me in them- it’s usually other people. So I’m wondering how I can do an RC when I’m not even in the dream! And if I don’t know I’m dreaming, I can’t really poof myself into the dream to do an RC.

But whenever I’m in the dream, I’m watching myself, and I don’t control myself. I just watch. So what do I do? :help:

Changed the title to be less ambiguous :ysim:

Wouldn’t just realising you are not in the dream or viewing yourself in third person be enough to prove it’s a dream?

Also expecting something to happen can be used as a RC. eg. changing the colour of something, making an object multiply or disappear etc

I have this problem too. Most of the time I’m not even in my dream.

You can practice first person imagination: Imagine yourself looking at the sea (It’s the simplest), feeling the warm wind, the sand… Now imagine the view when you look left, right etc…

It might cause you, as it did to me, to have the dream in both third and first person.

I’ve actually done some studying in this, and from what I’ve experienced- Almost everyone dream in first person in all dreams where they are the main character.

So here’s how it started-
I remember one of my earliest lucid dreams. I was amazed of the details and everything, and I thought or said to myself “And it is in first person!” cos I had been worried about just that. When I woke up I noticed that I remembered most of the dream in third person, I could even remember seeing me in third person saying that it was in first person. Conclusion is that, since our brain is making up the entire dream environment- We have every little tiny spot of space registered- So even if you at the very second is experiencing it all in first person, later you are able to bring back the ‘data’ of the dream and view it from different angles (Because your brain has got the whole dream in all of it’s details).

I also did some checking of my normal dreams. I woke up after a vivid dream and tried to remember it from as many angles and viewpoints as possible. I could view it from serveral, including third person (most of my dreams I do recall in first person).

I think what you really need to do is focusing on the first person viewpoint. A few times during the day for example you might say to yourself “Yup, here I am, in first person… Look, here I’ve got my two hands, and if I look down I can see my feet… I can roll my eyes from side to side and up and down.”

I would also recommend you to practice dream recalling, for another theory of mine is that when you are unable to remember much of your dream your brain can make up new stuff that might fit in, and in lack of info (DR) it might even replace the viewpoint to third person based on movies or videogames using the firm data you have (The plot data, what your dream was about).

I would love to see other people experimenting on this subject and perhaps confirming some of my theorys.

I get these all the time, probably because I play a lot of video games and am very used to viewing major events from a third person perspective. I can tell you that it has nothing to do with my recall being bad or hazy, as I can remember very specific details of some of these dreams. Sometimes it also comes with a video game interface as well, depending on the dream’s subject. Looking back on most of these dreams though, they seem to toggle between first and third person view at different times. Sometimes I can even see both at once. In this case, if you want to do an RC, try one that’s relevant to the surroundings and not yourself. For instance, look for writing and try to read it, then look away and read it again. If there’s not usually writing in your dreams, then make a habit to do a RC whenever you’re outside your house. Perhaps whenever you see a person or place that is common to your dreams. With any luck at least one of these options should be available to you.

This doesn’t happen to me often, but when it does i blink. Whenever you blink, your “dream eyes” should make you think your there and not just watching.

Thanks everyone!

I’ll use these tips tonight! Hope I’ll get lucky! :tongue: