Help me with identifying my dream signs?

Ok, so I’m not sure if I posted this in the right place but i figured i did since this is a question to help me in the “Quest to Lucidity.” So, I’ve been recording my dreams a little over a week, and I still have no clue what my dream signs are. I always seem to dream about school but i don’t know if that counts because i think I’m just dreaming about my daily life since i go to school 5 times a week. I would greatly appreciate it if you would help me, and i promise I’m not just giving all of my dirty work to you guys because I’m lazy… I actually have looked through my dreams and here are some things that might be my dream signs but i don’t know…
-cruise ships or just ships
-being stressed or forgetting things
-my dad

Alright… here are my dreams… :tongue:

-My Solo Song 10/27/12
Every year my mom signs me up to sing two songs at this big show performance thing (in my dream). I like to perform so I’m fine with it. My whole family is coming to watch. So it’s like a week before and I am SOOOO busy. I’m really stressed out with everything I have to do, and I don’t have time to practice my songs! One song is a broadway song and the other is a pop song. So it’s the day of the show, and I haven’t practiced my songs! I am freaking out! I go to my mom and try to tell her I can’t perform. I’m really nervous though because I don’t want to disappoint her. Of course she tries to force me to perform and tells me everything will be fine, but I don’t even know the words! We get into an argument and somehow we come to an agreement that I will sing the pop song but not broadway song, but she is still not happy. When we get to the place it is a wedding place that I have gone to in real life before. It’s where me and this theater group did the wedding singer over the summer. It’s dark but there is a spot light on me. My WHOLE family was sitting in the front row! I think I am holding lyrics in my hand. The pop song begins to play but there is a singer singing in the song, so I decide to lip sing. The weird part is (it wasn’t weird in the dream of course) … that I was a BLONDE with red lip stick on and a red dress when I was singing the song! And just note I’m a brunette and I hate lipstick(lol). Anyway I finish lip singing and everyone expects me to sing the broadway song, and I get nervous and go to my mom b/c remember we already came to an agreement I didn’t have to do this song. I forget how but my mom and I somehow tell them that I am not performing my other song. Suddenly we hear on the announcements that my friend isn’t performing her song either! Then after that we hear a disappointed lady on the announcements and she says something like this: “Due to people not performing, the theater company is going out of business.” Everyone is shocked and I look over at my family and they all look really confused. Now I am feeling SO guilty, but I can’t perform a song I don’t know! I just don’t know what to do! I don’t remember anything else big happening and around that time I woke up.

-Boy Drama 10/28/12
I don’t remember where exactly it takes place but I just know it involved people from my school. And there was this one kKid who I don’t know in real life who I was really close to in my dream, but ever since school started it seemed like he wouldn’t talk to me… And I was getting really worried b/c when I used to say hi to him he would get all excited and say hi back, but now he just kind of nods and looks at me weird. So it was after homecoming weekend but I remember that I couldn’t go because I was in Chicago visiting my dad for the weekend. Me and all of my “friends” were standing on my driveway and it looked like it was dark and cloudy out, maybe early early morning because it was starting to get a little light out. So I don’t remember what happened exactly but somehow he tells me why he’s not talking to him and we get into a big argument. So I yell at him asking why he’s acting so weird(basically like a jerk) and he was all like, “Why do you think?!” At this point I’m fuming, and I tell him I didn’t do anything! And then he said he was mad b/c I tried to avoid going to the homecoming dance with him by “lying” and saying i’m going to Chicago! Then I keep trying to tell him I’m telling him the truth but he just won’t believe me! And then my dad appears out of no where and shows him his ID card, and immediately you can tell his mood has changed. My dad disappears and you can tell the kid feels like a huge jerk and he apologizes. He now knows i was telling the truth. We pull into a hug and I know that things are gonna be normal again. I am SOO happy and am so happy to be in his arms. I think I may have had a crush on him, even though he thinks we are just good friends. From then on every time we saw each other we would hug and be friendly! I couldn’t have been happier. Around that time I woke up. The End.

-From Cruises to Pools 10/29/12
The earliest i remember in my dream is me playing softball with my friends and there being some kind of issue I don’t remember. The next dream was long but all I remember is me being with my dad and sister and us looking at HUGE mansions. I think there was some kind of mystery we were trying to solve while looking at the houses. Then in the next dream I am on cruise ship with some people in the school choir and some of my other close friends.
The choir is staying in section 1 of the ship, but we don’t have to stay in that section. I want to stay in a farther section like around 9 or 10 so I have a better chance of finding boys, but I don’t want to go alone so I ask my friends where they plan on staying. I’m not sure what we decided on but I soon meet a boy, but it’s not me talking to the boy anymore, it’s Trish from Austin and Ally!! …and I am watching the scene happen, like you would in a movie. Trish and the boy decide to go on a date that night, and when the time comes for some reason Trish is in my backyard waiting for her date. There are two chairs and a table and she seems to be waiting for a very long time. Her date isn’t coming and she gets very upset. Trish starts to cry and runs away, heart broken. Now remember I was watching all of this happen, but now Trish turns back into me and I am playing her role again. I run inside using the backdoor leaving the backyard. Suddenly I forget about all of that drama and am casually roaming around inside the house. There is a Christmas tree in the living room and it wasn’t even Christmas, but I don’t think anything of it! My step dad is sitting on couch and he asks to me take the dog outside. I take the dog outback using the laundry room door. Now once again I turn into the Trish girl from Austin and Ally and I am watching her again. She sees her date sitting in one of the chairs, waiting. The guy kind of looks like Harry Styles but its hard to tell if it was actually him. He immediately gets up try’s to apologize to her. He knows he is late for their date. He says he has something for her and pulls out a silver necklace. She smiles as he start to put the necklace on her and you can tell she forgives him. Suddenly the dream changes and i am at my grandparents house with the pool in the back yard and it is still night time. My aunt, mom, uncle, and I think some more relatives were there. They are all planning for my cousinsP birthday party. My aunt wants to use the pool but me and my mom are saying its too cold outside, because it’s already late October! My aunt talks about how we could use the pool heater but then we remember my grandparents recently got rid of the heater b/c it costs too much money. Then my aunt said we could get a new heater and make the pool really hot so we could use the pool as a big hot tub for the party! Idk if anything else happened but around this time I woke up.

-Computer Fight! 10/30/12
There was some dream about me working in a hospital and I remember being over stressed with my job there and wanting to quit b/c we always worked late hours but that’s all I remember. The next dream was I got myself a free ucillalli and I didn’t have any experience but I could already play the song “I’m Yours” on it. I don’t remember how I got it but I think there was some teacher who didn’t want it anymore and gave it to me for free. The setting in this dream was sometimes at school and sometimes at home in my room and it appeared to be daytime. Also the school was carpeted which is weird because it’s not in real life. When I brought my instrument home from school I remember showing my family the song I could play. Also, in another part of this dream was for some reason everyone in the school was dancing and I knew the dance too but idk how or why! In the NEXT dream it was nighttime and i was in the front room using the mac computer in the house and my little sister came up and she was all mad because she said she was on the computer first, but truth is, she really wasn’t! I told her that and she got REALLY pissed at me and starts to pick up the computer and is trying to take it away! I yell at her and pull back and tell her to just use the other computer. Then she says, “Well… Fine. If you have the computer, you just can’t have the mouse,” she says it really nasty and takes the mouse from the computer and runs into the other room. Lol and than I was furious and I yelled back at her “Why are you being so biotchy?!!” And then… i woke up.

I was in freshman seminar class and my teacher put me in the back of the classroom with some other girl. Again the floors were carpeted which is weird… Anyway for some reason the freshman seminar teacher (I don’t want to say his name) assigned us all vehicles and I got a scooter and was holding a banner, and my mom, who was suddenly I the classroom, got assigned I black go cart thingy. So We all go outside and start riding around, as my scooter is quite difficult to control, especially while hold a banner! Well, I guess it was more like a flag but I kept calling it a banner. Anyway, i think Batman was rising his Batmobile along with us and robin was there too. After the long ride we were in a parking lot and batman was showing off his driving skills. I remember my mom complaining to me about how her vehicle sucked! And I’m like, well at least you didn’t have to get a scooter!!! So idk the rest of the dream but somewhere around there the next dream started and I was in this old fashioned town. It was almost like there was a story playing out again like in a recent dream I had and I was watching it happen. So there were these two girls cleaning themselves in a lake (I don’t know) but they had clothes on, and one of them was REALLY overweight, and her mom was complaining to her how at her age she still hasn’t found a man, and they were kind of arguing back and forth, and I just felt bad for the girl b/c she probably will never find a man. Then there was this really pretty girl with black hair and pigtails walking along the fence and these two old lady’s were talking and one of them said, “hey look! It’s (I forget the name), the prettiest girl in town. She will definitely find I man. The only problem is her rebellious attitude!” I didn’t really think anything of this situation, because I was kind of just watching this all happen. But then, for some reason I could actually feel myself standing and I was inside a barn with wide open doors where I could see the fence where the last situation had happened and on the other side was the lake where the girls were… Bathing… Yeah…
AND THEN… Ok, so, idk if you’ve ever had this feeling well it was like I was starting to wake up and I could feel myself waking up, and then I’m like to myself… Well, if I’m waking up, I have to be dreaming to be waking up… Ad then it clicked!! I started to panick and think to myself over and over again IM DREAMING IM DREAMING IM DREAMING!! I started to feel myself going back to sleep and the world around me was spinning yet coming into focus! I was so filled with joy and excitement and fear at the same time!!! And then… I woke up.

-Homecoming Drama 10/31/12
I don’t remember this dream in order it’s kind of all jumbled up but I will try to tell you what I can. So the earliest I remember is I am putting my hair in two ponytails so it will dry nice and wavy instead of my usual tight curls for school. I think the setting is my grandmom’s house. So the next day or something like that my hair drys and I am having the most awesome hair day ever! I consider wearing a dress to school because I never wear dresses but I decide on wearing normal clothes because wearing a dress would be a LITTLE over the top. So I honestly don’t know how this happened but my teacher(who is rather good looking) is on a baseball team and I went to the game to see him play, except instead of going to sit in the stands I casually head towards the dugout where he is. When I go into the dugout a lot of my friends are in there. At one point I think one of them asked me to go to the bathroom and then we are at school and all of us are goofing off in the hallways. I start talking about how I was thinking about wearing a dress today, and a girl looks at me like I’m completely insane! Anyway somewhere in this dream I remember me working on some kind of project against other students and I think it was the science fair project, except it was weird because we were all working in the same room at the same time and I think there was a time limit. Then the dream kind of fast forwarded again and maybe a few more friend things happened but I don’t really remember them. The dream was then based off of homecoming, which just recently happened in real life by the way. So there was one part where there was this dumb freshman who decided he was as good as the seniors went into senior territory and got beat up. So idk but suddenly my dad is driving me to this homecoming place and seniors were going to be there. It was this dirty parking lot. This car pulled up next to us and warned us to leave because it’s not safe, so we got nervous and left. In another part I was talking to my choir teacher and she was saying how there was this rivalry between her and the middle school choir teacher long before I even went to that school. (I am in high school now) So anyway I was in the choir room when she was talking to me and idk but I get this feeling again that the floors were carpeted! So suddenly I am at her house with her 2 year old son and she gives me this bracelet and she says it’s magic and can teleport very small things if you form it into the right shape. So I took the bracelet and went home. Now with all the homecoming things going on things were getting hectic and everyone was getting involved. My step dad, step sister, and step brother all come home and have spiderman tshirts on because that is my homecoming theme, even though they don’t go to my school. The tshirts are kind like spandex or speedo or something like that. So I tell my mom I want a spiderman tshirt so she says yes so my sister and mom get in the car. I remember having a lot of trouble finding my shoes, but when I do, all three of us are standing outside with our dog Jazz. I put Jazz down and she immediately she runs to the other side of the street where two other yorkies are. She keeps running through tall grass and the three yorkies keep running around and switching places. My mom picks up the wrong dog thinking its Jazz and says, “Alright let’s go!” I tell her it’s not Jazz, because you could easily tell the color difference between the dogs. She put the other dog down and they kept running around …and around that time I woke up.

-My Wedding 10/31/12
Ok so, I am getting married. I really really don’t remember much from this dream but I will just tell you the bits and pieces of things. I remember canoeing outside my house because there was a river, and some of my friends were there and so was my mom. It was dark outside. I think the canoe was red and everyone kept yelling at me for bumping into things. Also, I was getting married and I didn’t even know who I was getting married to! All I knew was his last name was Gants, because I forgot his first name, and people would ask me who I’m getting married to and I’d tell them I just don’t know! It was really weird, and then I was looking Gants up on Facebook because I needed to find him! Anyway, most of it was a blur but the next morning I had my wedding gown on and everything but I was no where near prepared and my dad was out front in his car. I went outside to see him. I forget if he was picking me up or just dropping by to see me. Anyway, at some point around this time I woke up.

-From Dinosaurs to Prom 11/1/12
It started out with my language arts teacher assigning an assignment due Monday and all I remember about the assignment is we got a BIG packet filled with dinosaur pictures and questions. So I wait until the last night to do the packet and am up late working on it and my sister is in my room I think she was sleeping in there on the floor for some reason. It’s Monday now and me and my classmates are at my language arts teacher’s house and it’s filled with strange glass antiques, but mostly glass shot glasses. So I give her my assignment casually (idk if I ever finished my assignment or not), and then the next dream starts. I am going to prom night in the city. I don’t remember what happened during prom. So after prom me and friends are walking home. I don’t remember the people I was walking with. It is light out and maybe a little cloudy but still somewhat sunny. Then suddenly… 'Lil Gideon, the evil kid with really tall white hair from the cartoon Gravity Falls, was watching me… basically stalking me, from a distance, and he was smiling this really creepy smile and staring right at me! I was getting really nervous. He wasn’t walking, but as I kept walking nervously away from him, he was always the same distance away! Anyway I finally lost him and I am now getting near the front doors of my apartment building, but there are a bunch of kids from my school crowding around the outside of my building and are just gossiping and talking about who knows what. So I push my way through all the people and go into the building and into my apartment. Its only one room and looks like the cabin room i staying in when i was on a cruise last summer. My white jewelry box from my house house (from real life) is on the table. My Dad is there and he asks me why I didn’t wear the special necklace he gave me.
I say the only reason is because it didn’t really go with the dress I was wearing. We both get back on the elevator and my grandmom is with us and I think my sister was too but I’m not 100% sure. A girl from my school walks onto the elevator with her prom hair and makeup still done. She had some sort of 60’s hairstyle like from the movie Hairspray, and had crazy green/blue eyeshadow on. For some reason I think to myself how she would make a great yet strict teacher. Suddenly an older lady with short black hair and too WAY much makeup on asks if we can change the direction the elevator is going in and she will pay us to do so. She seems frantic and rushed. My grandmom says sure but she doesn’t have to pay us because that would be ridiculous. Then the lady keeps asking to change elevator floors right when we get to the new elevator floors! She seem very nervous and like she’s trying to get away from something and the elevator is moving very fast from so many buttons being pressed. Finally she runs off on one of the floors and we are all confused. We get off on one of the floors and go to eat at a restaurant in the building. When we are seated the restaurant seems pretty fancy. It’s bright in the room with many windows and lovely scenery, and the tables have white tablecloth. One of the waitresses offers to put butter on my bread roll for me and she puts a HUGE glob of butter on the bread and starts spreading it for me! Then me and my family (Dad, sister, Grandmom) start talking about the crazy elevator lady and I say how I wish I always just knew what the gossip was so I would always know what was going on. We keep talking about the lady and say some other things but I don’t remember what they were. Around this time I woke up.

-Xfactor to Police 11/2/12
I am on x factor with people from my school and one direction. Simon has blonde wig on after the song and me and one direction make fun of him and his wig and say he looks like Niall. We perform again but i don’t know the dance because I wasn’t at any of the practices. Kids from school keep yelling at me for doing the dance wrong. Then i am in my next dream and I’m a cop and someone calls me and says their sister is injured and they need help. I say ok but hurry. Then the person who suddenly called drives up next to me in an ambulance truck. The doors open and they hand me a plate of wings, but I decline the wings for some reason. The lady gets mad and drives away. Then my best friends mom drives me and my best friend home. My best friend talks about how she is so excited for her religious holiday (she is Muslim/Indian) because she gets to wear high heels. We stop at one of the town houses in the neighborhood and walk in. An Indian family is in there and the mom is doing one of her daughter’s hair. She has two young daughters in the room and they both have NATURAL blonde streaks in their hair which was weird. Then we all start talking about the police incident and the mom indian lady says the wings i were given were real and weren’t fake. I start to feel kind of guilty, but she poors me a basket of barbecue potato chips to give to the injured girl and I say ok. And about then I woke up to my alarm going off.

-Cruise Ship 11/4/12
Ok so I am sorry but I really don’t remember a lot from this dream and only remember very little but I will tell you what I can remember. So the earliest of the dream I remember is we r on a cruise ship and hurricane Sandy is hitting us. There was some kind of drama or quest going on but i don’t remember what it was. Another part i remember os we were sitting in the stands of a stadium and it was pretty empty and we were watching some sort of sport. I don’t remember the people in my dream exactly, but just some of my friends and family. Then in the last dream I think it may have been a false awakening but again… It’s hard to remember and I was in my cousins house sleeping over (I really actually am) and we were talking about confirmation for some reason. Then I woke up to my cousin’s dog licking my face… Lol XD

-Krusty Crab to Plays 11/6/12
It started off with me, my sister and my cousins running away from these white skeletons, and then we ran into this cave. There was a kitchen in the cave and some tables with chairs. Somehow we defeat the skeletons and it turns out the kitchen is the Krusty Crab and I am taking orders. I think there were flashes of the actual cartoon but i don’t remember what they actually were. There are some people sitting at a bar type thing and they are kids from my school. I ask the what they want and they say peanut butter and jelly, and I say ok but I’m not sure how much it is. I start looking for the menu and when I find it I give it to the people and start making PB&J. I put Kelly on one piece of bread, but then I accidentally put jelly on the other piece of bread too! I think to myself its not a big deal and I can just put the peanut butter on top of the jelly. I don’t remember what happened in the rest of that dream but in the next dream we were doing a play except it was outside and the set was really big and you wouldn’t think it is a play at all, but in my mind it was a play. Everyone has a certain place to go as a certain thing to say, so that’s what made it a play, and I think I have a pretty big role. So in this play I have to run around like a maniac and complete a bunch of tasks while saying my lines. My task has something to do with a black brief case and I have to find it on time for a certain part in the show! So I am freaking out and along with that I don’t know my lines that well and am trying to remember them as good as possible before I say them. I am staring at a paper and there are just paragraphs and paragraphs of lines and I can’t remember them! It was all really hectic. I don’t remember any other parts of my dream so somewhere around that time in my dream I woke up.
So, those are all the dreams i have so far. If you’ve had the patience to read through them or maybe just a few, thank you. Please let me know what you think. Do you see any dream signs? Do i not have any? Should i wait longer until it becomes more clear to what they are? Again, thanks. Oh yeah and let me know if i posted this to the wrong place… lol hopefully not. :woo:

Sorry that this is a bit of a non-answer, but DS are really a personal thing. I could try to point out common themes, but in the end it has to be something you can easily recognize. Try to think, what struck you in those dreams? What caught your attention? Did you see one or two friends frequently? Are you usually in a certain location that’s (un)familiar to you?

Those are the kinds of things to look for. Again, we can pick apart themes, but the signs are really something you need to find yourself.