Help me...

I’ve been trying to LD for about 2 weeks now [and I’m sure that’s nothing compared to other people] but I’m a bit fustrated. I keep a DJ and I often do RT’s only to find that I’m living in reality, and this is not a dream.

I have HORRORIBLE dream recall. I can only remember a dream, it seems like, once a month.


your sleeping habbits affect dream recall
for example if you do much work during the day and don’t get enough sleep, that sleep will be very deep and the dreams (usually) won’t be very conscious
it takes a while to train dream recall. there’s a great forum called sealife where every team regularly reports dreams and do projects, that’s a good way to boost recall
RC are good to do, but you should also try other methods like wbtb+WILD, MILD, VILD etc. and those alone will keep you busy for a long time until you discover what seems to work best (and what you like best)
other practices might also help out. meditation, LL, visualization, reading novels, exercise, dream journal entries all have their effects on dreams

You… you… you physic or something? Because I always have some type of work or actcivity to do, like schoolwork or taking out the trash, or simply walking with my friend. I’m very rarely completely conscious, and am always tired or exausted. I am a very deep sleeper and don’t wish to be woken up.

I’m such a deep sleeper. Alarm clocks have never worked for me. My family and I had to establish a plan because of this. Since my mother goes to work in the morning, she just wakes me up. Unfortunately, she has to come in my room and violently shake me. Evil. :sad:

When you go to sleep, try repeating the mantra ‘I will remember my dreams’ in your head until you fall asleep (or until you get bored). This seems to work really well with most people (including me).

Used in conjuction with your DJ, you should find your DR improves.