Help needed

I once read in a book called adventurers beyond the body by william buhlman that if you go out of your body and say something like(i know everything!)over and over It works.Also you can say(my astral body will activate my psychic powers once i return to my body!)So my experiment is to try it and tell me what happens.:smile:P.S. to know what i mean you first have to have the book i mentioned.So i only want people that have read the book to do my experiment.

Why no replies?:frowning: :happy:

Okay, one reply for you…

  1. I don’t want to read the book, sorry^^
  2. I don’t believe in astral bodys or stuff like that. I only believe that LD’s work.
  3. Is it so necessary to read the book? Maybe you can start your experiment with ppl who didn’t read it. There are obviously only to points you have to manage a) to become lucid via the WILD-Technique and leave your physical body in your dream and b) to believe that you can change your physical body by using your astral body (did I get that right?)

I hope you’ll find someone who shows real interest in your experiment :smile: Good luck friend.

Best regards
Nate :tongue: