Help please no luck :(

The reason why I came to this site was because I haven’t been having much luck with LD lately :sad:. Much meaning NONE. This is what I’ve done so far that hasn’t worked:

  1. Eat trypophan rich foods like pumpkin seeds, tofu, soy sauce, kidney beans
  2. Rub rose essential oils into my feet
  3. Try to induce lucid dreaming by -as I fall asleep- chanting ‘I will lucid dream,’ over and over again
  4. Listen to walkthroughs that don’t work even with headphones on because I either fall asleep before it’s over and don’t register the subliminal messaging or if it’s a guided one find it hard to get to sleep and become lucid.
  5. Do reality checks

My next bet is to buy some pills like melatonin or dreamleaf. Could I please get some tips? They would be greatly appreciated :happy:

TRY to maybe buy galantamind? it speeds up ur awarness which is great when ur trying to ld or maybe Remee the LD inducer.

also what do u feel when ur on the transcending state?
for example, do u maybe hear ringing or feel kind of dizzy maybe even scalp pains?

Thanks yeah I’m gonna get this think called vividream which contains galamine. When I’m in the trandensing state I feel buzzes and vibrations but I never fall asleep it always wakes me up.

Good luck! :smile:

Thank you huggles

Supplements alone won’t make you lucid. Lucid dreaming is all about your mindset. Keep doing RCs and as you do them, really believe that you can’t know for sure if you are awake before you do one. As you RC, think about lucid dreaming. Tell yourself you will become lucid and have a clear idea in your head what that means and how it happens. Keep dream journaling and improving dream recall.

I feel your frustration but keep in mind that the supplements aren’t a guarantee to lucid dream. for me LDing became an obsession before I had my first one. I stayed on this forum as much as I could to learn terminology, experiences, questions etc. shout out to all the people who helped me on this forum, I think if it wasn’t for the experienced ones taking time to answer my questions, I wouldn’t have gotten this far! I also read books on lucidity. Get a dream journal to record what you saw/felt/heard etc. even when I didn’t have dream recall I would still write in my journal, “no dream recall”. I’ve learned that being lucid requires discipline and brain re-wiring.

The technique that I’ve had 98% success with is WBTB and WILD. I have atleast 5 LD a week and im a newbie! Im a 100% sure that WBTB will at least give you a vivid dream, if not a lucid one. I sleep for 4-5hours, wake up, focus my thoughts on lucidity and then try to fall back to sleep. 4 out of 5 times I wake up to a false awakening in my bed. I do a reality check, once I know Im dreaming I get out of bed. Take some time to learn techniques and play with them, it took me a week to figure out how much sleep I needed before I woke up.

I read that WILD is one of the more advanced techniques but as a newbie, that’s the only one that seems easiest for me. basically, TRY as many techniques as possible to see which one works for you. I also mediate any chance I get for about 15-20 minutes just to become familiar with that state of mind. you’ll have one soon. youre on the right track!

Good luck and sweet dreams.

Thank you and god bless! I will be lucid tonight!

I find daytime techniques can be effective, that is doing RCs, writing a DJ and LL lucid living and ADA. Combining it with MILD at night.
I now have frequent prelucid dreams and the occasional lucid dream
(I recently stopped WBTB, SSILD and attempting WILD because I don’t want techniques to interfere with my night’s rest too much)

LL and ADA resemble mindfulness training, but I think it is more fun because of the LD inspiration.
(You can read about LL for example here )

You can also do a LD holiday if you have no luck.
With a LD holiday it is the intention that you may not thinking to lucid dreaming for a while.
Many people get their first lucid dream with a LD holiday.

I read this in the LD4all Guide:

Don’t want it too much

Don’t want it too much. Things you want too much slip away from you. If you feel frustrated because nothing works, take some time off. Take your mind of LD-ing for a while. For some people their first lucid dream comes when they stopped trying.

Good Luck!