Help please , thank you !

I’m a light sleeper and I don’t know what kind of technique can go wtih light sleepers…any suggestions ?

I suggest you take a look at WBTB, especially with WILD, though with MILD can work just as well.

but in WILD i get to concentrated , and can’t sleep , MILD I never tried but thank for the advise I need to try WILD…

Perhaps you can try the WBTB method (easily wake up with an alarm).

Or, you can try MILD, I think that might be a good one.

Take a look at this link

it’s more about falling asleep fast/slow, but it might help :wink:

remember that the idea of WILD is exactly to not fall asleep :happy: you should just relax and not move, so your body falls asleep but your mind remains awake. It takes practice though.

When I’m WILDing I can’t fully relax , and get distracted … I can’t see no colors m maybe a little , someone has a really really good guide or even a video about WILDing?