HELP PLEASE! what is this?


Has long sought and never found something in response ;c This started about 3 years ago, Usually in like the morning. As the title reads, it is horrific ‘’ Awake, but im still in the dream but can’t move myself? ’ To clarify it for you. I am in the dream, and is fully conscious that I am dreaming, but while awake and tht i want out of the dream, but I can’t, can’t move anything!, neither to open my eyes or scream (pure panic, we are talking about)…lol This can be between 10-20 sec. Several times on the same morning/night. :meh: D: Know it has to do with anxiety, but not much more… According to my personal writings, I think this is something spiritual, not something that science can only explain i Think what is coming for me comes from somewhere else and is mad or something, although ’ scientific explanations exicst ’ so it is very strange that I wake up the same time two nights in a row of it, especially the night after I tried openening my eyes for the first time during something like tht in many months. I got eye contact with a being something tht was more powerful and strong than me and the night before I was contacted three times. Sleeping on my back increases the risk of me getting an episode. Tips during the episode is to keep calm, roll on the eyes over lids or try to wiggle the toes and move the fingers. I usually consider myself out of it, but in the meantime being whispered in the ear in latin an stuff ;__; and being touched and taken of panties :cry: is not at all uncommon.
So please, rapid response pl0x and how you might be able to get away from it! Thanks in advance!

This is sleep paralysis.

It occurs while half asleep, either while falling asleep or more common while waking up. What happens is that the natural paralysis from the REM sleep fades slower than we gain consciousness. You are in a way halfway into a dream and halfway in reality, because your brain hasn’t fully woken up yet.

It is common to hallucinate while in SP. This is also probably carried over from REM sleep. REM sleep is the sleep phase where we usually get dreams, and it is also usually the phase that comes directly before waking up. One of the most common hallucination is a person/shadow/animal/something either sitting on the bed itself or moving slowly towards it. This can be very frightening for people who don’t know what this is!

I used to experience this quite a lot. I usually hallucinated a dark shadow in my room. I have also very often hallucinated footsteps or loud knocking on my door. Now that I know what sleep paralysis is, it isn’t scary anymore. It can be annoying, especially if the dream I want to wake up from is one I rather want to forget. For me, it lasts for 5-10 seconds. It is hard to tell though, because the perception of time can be different in this half sleep state.

Stress can make SP more noticeable. Fear can make it seem like it lasts longer, because time passes more slowly when we are afraid. The first thing that comes out of SP is always the eyes. I think the eyes are usually not paralysed at all, in REM sleep. I squeeze my eyes shut and open them again a couple of times, to shake it off more easily. Trying to speak is just annoying.

It is also extremely easy to drift back into sleep from this state or directly after it ends. Several people use this as a quick entry into a lucid dream. This can be annoying, if the experience has been unpleasant and you want to get rid of it. My advice is to turn on a light, or turn on a phone screen or similar, and sit up. This will prevent the hallucinations from drifting back. has some more information about this, and there are also several topics about it here on LD4all. I hope this has helped clear things up a bit.

Thankyou soo much at first i thought this only happened to me i now know how to deal with it many hugs :content: