HELP! This lucid dream is haunting me!

Hi all, I’m new here. I have lucid dreams every so often, but the one I had last night blew my mind a bit and ii would really appreciate and love some insight if any of you have some…

Here’s the dream: Got lucid while dreaming about skateboarding (I’m a 37 yr old woman, so that was interesting). I Made the intention to see dad who passed away in 2008. I shot off, chest first flying and passed through many rooms and what seemed to be dimensional walls (?)

When I stopped I Couldn’t speak well (like a stroke) but finally could. There was a man seated behind a desk. He struck Me as a kind of greeter. I asked him, “Are you my dad?” He didn’t “feel” like my dad, and He didn’t look like dad. He didn’t respond. I felt confused, there was a feeling of separation. I was extremely lucid.

A moment later a different man walked up to me and led me aside. He looked to be in his 30’s with kinky-curly hair, a white man. He told me that I needed to contact a psychic and inquire about a blood test or a DNA test. All of a sudden I felt compelled to touch his hands. They were scarred in patterns like henna. I touched his hands and looked deep into his eyes and when I did his face morphed into a young Indian man (India, not Native American.). He was absolutely beautiful and strong. He struck me as a holy man or a healer. Then he looked into my eyes and said “the reason you came here was NOT to see your father. The reason you came was to have a physical experience.” He led me into a train car type thing lined with beds with curtains for privacy. I jokingly asked him if he was a prostitute and he didn’t answer, but I got the knowing he was kind of like a sexual healer. I told him I wouldn’t have intercourse w/ him but we still got undressed and touched, kissed and I masturbated him to completion (sorry for the TMI). When he came, What came out was a very thick, golden stuff that he quickly cleaned up. He kissed me and touched me. I didn’t have an orgasm, but I felt loved. I felt in love with him, but I also felt that there was an emotional boundary that he could not cross.

I asked him how I could contact him and he told me that his dimension isn’t in contact with mine and there was no way. I felt in love w him. I felt like his job was this, and even though I was special to him, this was as far as it could go. I rolled on top of him and we just stared at each other and talked a little bit. Then he informed me that it was time to stop being Lucid. I felt SO SAD, desperate even. I wanted to stay with him desperately, but he made it clear to me that was impossible.

I grasped and clung to him as I we were pulled apart. I clung to his hair/head but it ripped away in small diamond shaped pieces (like pixels) and looked almost digital as we. As he came apart from me, my lucidity began to fade.

I woke up into a normal dream, then after that I woke up.

I don’t really know what to think of this. it was strange to me that’s intention was denied and that I went somewhere else completely. I wonder what the actual purpose of this experience was, and if other people may have experienced these sexual healers… Seems strange. It was a beautiful experience and I truly hope this being truly exists somewhere. I feel thankful for the nurturing he gave me. I would be so grateful for ANY thoughts, opinions or insight you might be able to give me

I doubt a holy man would sleep with a woman the first time they met but that aside I think this dream serves as a sign that you would like to have a partner in your life. Someone who will love you and spend time with you. Also, perhaps the blood or DNA test thing was connected to the thought of having sex with someone. However, you know better about what it might mean than me since it was your dream.

wondering if you actually went into another dimension. the moment after you went through the rooms when you found it hard to speak could be the adjustment of your consciousness into this new dimension.
was there something you needed healing of? how did you feel after the dream?
did you end up doing a blood or DNA test?

Thank you so much for your response, Awe. I agree with you that there was something very different about this particular lucid dream and you adjustment of consciousness theory re: the stroke-like symptoms is really good. I’m a life-long lucid dreamer and I know what my LD’s normally feel like; this was definitely something a little different.

I haven’t had a DNA or blood test yet, I’m still a bit confused about what to actually test…and as far as healing goes, I have experienced an enormous physical healing from symptoms I’ve experienced over the last many years with gut/intestinal pain and trauma. This dream also coincides with a celiac diagnosis and a complete change of eating. I find all of it combined very interesting. The dream has really lingered with me since I’ve had it, and I still feel very moved by it. I’d love to understand it better!

please go over the healing details again since its something im interested myself.

firstly tell me if i got this right, you had this physical problem for year and after the dream it got cured? how long after the dream? gradually? please expand

you got diagnosed with celiac something after the dream and it made you change your eating habits? i need some explaining on this one as well ^^

as far as the DNA & blood test goes, i would just go for it, im guessing it doesnt cost that much? i would be intrigued to see if theres something to it.

i had this experience of unordinary lucid dream, only it seems i went into myself rather then meet with another entity. its not something you forget.

So, I’ve experienced terrible gut pain and for many years with no understanding of why. It was just before the dream that I got my diagnosis and I had just changed me eating habits about a week prior, though I was still feeling pretty unwell. Celacs causes scar tissue and really terrible problems within the gut. I can also say with certainty that I’ve had a traumatic childhood and have experienced a lot of emotional trauma. I feel like, since this particular dream I feel spiritually awakened (that’s the best way I can put it). I feel calm and healthy and my physical pain has disappeared. I feel like, WOW, this is a big deal!

this sounds great!
im actually starting to research myself about the ability to heal/effect the physical body through lucid dreams, if you feel interested and willing to help, check out my topic:

btw, in my own unique dream i also went through walls/“rooms” that felt like sub-dimensions to me until i came to be where the main event occurred, that is also why i believe it was an experience from another dimension.

I think the DNA part manifested into your dream as you were wondering if the guy was your father or not so a DNA test coming into things, was quite a logical follow on to happen from those lucid thoughts you had re father confusion.

I guess that would represent that life is moving along well right now, rolling along one could say.

Having a dream in which healing takes place makes sense with your celiac disease and recent change of diet.

First thank you for sharing your dream/experience: It is really an interesting topic!

I already have had a few LD in which I tried to speak to my SG and to myself, sometimes the SG appeared and was just like your dad in your dream, not answering at all and stuff…

And eventhough I would usually follow the rational thinking of Seadove, I also think that your subconscious may have tried to help you there. May it have been to tell you to get yourself tested or just to truly heal your trauma and physical pains.

In any case this is still the kind of wonderful stories about how LD can help people, I love it!

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