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Hi I’m new here but not to LD. It happens quite frequently along with sleep paralysis and hypogognic hallucinations. Lately i have had some intense God Jesus experiences that have left me speechless and amazed but twice i was brought to a darker side and last night when there i tried to examine and count and touch my finger tips each one saying I AM NOT AWAKE to prove to my mind it was just a dream and i was in control but i couldn’t wake… instead i chose to create an escape which worked but i kept on the move creating until my husband cleared his throat in his sleep and woke me. I felt frustrated that i couldn’t bring myself to wake even thou o was aware and creating. Just wondering if anyone experiences this.

Can’t really help, but if you are in control and aware it is a dream … since you have had good spiritual experiences in this state - wouldn’t it help to call/ask for help from God / Jesus / good you have felt previously?

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Yes that seems like an obvious thing but i needed to hear it lol thank you. I’ll try that. In the past i have recited scripture to ward them away but i think i was so focused on waking and escaping i didn’t even think of that. Thank you that helped to talk out. I can’t talk about my lucid dreams to husband and friends cause they think I’m nuts lol


i hope you are better now. yes wen I was in my worst with Lucid dream I didnt want to sleep so the depravation of sleep aggravated sleep parabasis and with it the strong sensation of a dark entity possession! I do not follow any religion but I prayed to fight this possession wile I was in paralysis and I prayed everyone for the other side to help me!! angels, beings of light, indian goddesses, yogis gurus, Jesus, God, Maria Magdalena, father, mother of all.
I was very brave, strong and I fight with all my will. even I used holy water!!(it didnt worked) But I learned that if you do not sleep it gets worst so I slept as much as I could like a warrior I confront anything that I have to confront.every day lucid dreams nightmares .
The sleep paralisis stop so the dark posession. I loosed energy, vitality, appetite and that makes you more sensitive so yo have to eat. I stopped eating psicoactive food and excitants like tea, cofee, sugar…
when I was In paralysis it helped me to hold my husband hand or try to touch him with all my will. many times that happened I was sleeping that I was in bed with my partner. So a mix of praying God fighting with this nasty dark energy and at the same time trying to move my hand trying to reach my partner of life .
I read something about to hold a stone( a quarz) and use a neckless with quarz preferably, or other stone like obsydian and a gold ring.
I think sleep is the most important thing and find peace.
I haven’t try but shouting NO in your dream is very good too!!! YOU ARE THE BOSS!!!