Help! was I experiencing SP?

Yestuday (Feb 14th) I was taking a nap, I finally feel asleep. I started to dream, and it felt like I was dreaming w/ my eyes open. I didn’t see him but knew he was there…this little boy. He was running around my bed and jumping on it. I saw my room and bed just as it is now, but couldn’t see him. But I knew what he looked like and how old he was. He was 6, and I felt annoyed by him. Then when he was gone I felt scared like there was a dark presence. I tried completely waking up and getting up but I was trapped. It was like I couldn’t move and was being forced back to sleep. Was this SP? or “Old Hag”?

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If you were asleep at the time you couldn’t move, then NO;
If you were awake at the time you couldn’t move, then YES.

Simple as that :wink:

What if you didn’t notice the difference of dream and reality? :tongue:
(Asking for myself now)

If u didn’t notice the difference, then no one can help you.
It’s whether you were asleep or not.

Yes Hraesvelg…that is the question. I don’t even kno for sure if I was awake or not. So I guess that would make it tough to answer if it was SP or not. Everything looked the same, BUT the little boy was there. He soon drifted away then there was something dark there (couldn’t see it either). But I def. couldn’t move, I was trapped…just laying there.

I need to know could you move during the time when boy was there?
If you couldn’t, I assume that was a dream, cause i doubt a boy broke into your house in RL.

No I could not move while he was there, or I would have just knocked his butt out. (Maybe). And of course an invisible boy didnt brake into my house. But I am trying to figure out if I was 1. awake or asleep and 2. experiencing somehting more than just a dream. I mayb confusing an encounter w/ a spirit w/ a dream. I have had encounters w/ them b4. And have experienced being so scared I couldn’t move. But that has now only happened 3 times (if that is wut it really was). Usually when there is something dark/evil in my presence I feel thatw ay. I kno this sounds weird but to me its a part of life.

well, you r not a happy person, are you lol?

Well, if you couldn’t move when the boy was there, then it means you didn’t have the SP,
cause it was a dream, see.

I guess the problem is solved, huh?
You said it happened 2 times before.Were you dreaming at that time?

Well I am happy sometimes…but i’m def. not a negative sad person. Def. a little confused sometimes. Ok well I think then we have come to the conclusion I wasn’t experiencing an SP. Thats one prob solvled. But I am not sure that I was even fully asleep when he was there. Now that I am sitting here really contimplating it…I am kinda figuring it out. But the last 2 times it happened-the first time my eyes were open but I was in bed and had been sleeping. I thought I was dreaming but realized I wasn’t becuz the only thing I found to be “out of the ordinary” was an old man being in the house where there wasn’t an old man living there at the time. After I saw him, I laid there scared and not able to move for a couple of sec.s, I woke my friend up and told him. 2nd time…no I was not asleep but was so terrified I couldn’t move until the experience was over.

Sorry to be a bit… erm, inconvenient, :content: But in my opinion I’d say it was SP! :grin:

SP lots of times comes together with hallucinations (like the boy) and many times there is that negative presence.

SP happens when you dream. You can be awake or asleep during it. This state in between awake and asleep can be confusing. You can be in a dream and start feeling your physical body in bed, unable to move.

I’ve had SP’s where I’m in the dream and suddenly can’t move. The dream remains a bit and slowly fades away until I’m in SP in my bed. I’ve also had SP’s where I’m just in my bed with nothing more to it. One time I heard people breaking into my house :tongue: luckly for me I knew I was in SP and that was only HH or I would have freaked out :content:

Anyway, just my humble opinion. :wink:

On this perticular occassion Mattias, that is what I was thinking. Because I have been studying about dreams, sleeping, OBE, and LD-like all this stuff. And I did read about when you expeirence SP you can hallucinate in sum way, and feel scared or sum sort of negative feeling. So ya thats was I was thinking to…but was soooooo not sure.

I think this problem is unsolvable.
We don’t know whether you were asleep or not.
@mattias- you said you could have an SP while sleeping.that’s true but you sometimes can’t know if that’s SP or not, cause there are dreams in which you cannot move, but just in your dreams, not IRL

Sounds like a classic case of the old hag, I think its pretty the same as SP isnt it, except that it has a funnier name :woo:

I think I understand what you mean. That if you can’t move in the dream you can’t know if it’s the SP doing that or if it’s the dream. :eh:

But it is impossible to dream without having SP, the question is if you’re conscious or not of the SP, if you feel it or not.

:rofl: That’s true, Sleep Paralysis is a much more scary name than old hag!

Ok the more I think about it then more I think I know wut I was doing. I was what I call “in between”. I was half awake half asleep. I was trying to wake up…my eyes I would say were open. But I was still extremely grougy (hope thats spelled right). As I laid there I felt like all I could do was look around. I couldn’t move at all, and I was scared. In my head I kept telling myself to get up and go to the livingroom and get away. But I couldn’t so I just slipped back into sleep. So I don’t think I was “dreaming” more like feeling. I didn’t c the little boy I felt him, I felt wut he looked like and how old he was. In my dreams I never felt what someone looked like or they’re age.

ehhhh that explanation complicates things even more.
NOW it’s unsolvable.

Oh, transparent eyelids! :grin: I’m guessing here, of course.

I’ve had this a lot, where I’m lying in bed (not necessarily in SP) and I can see my room. Sometimes from a different angle. My eyes are closed and the images are only in my mind. Usually when I’m in SP and I’m able to open my physical eyes I see very weird things. I look at my wardrobe, for example, and see a monster or my father wearing glasses and a hat (true story :bored: ).

About feeling the boys age, I know what you mean, it’s pretty weird isn’t it? It’s like when you dream about someone that looks totally different from the real person but you just KNOW who it is…

Of course nothing of this proves if it was or not SP. I think you’ll have to have a fe SP’s and then compare them :content: Just remember to stay calm and that nothing can hurt you. Be brave and tell the hag to go away and she will :wink: (if you see her in the first place…)

I beleive it was definetly SP. Ive had sp many times now and the only time I had a scary experience with it was when I didnt even realize my body had fallen asleep. Alot of times you slip into sp cause your thinking about or focusing on something else therefore you cant feel and dont realize your body fell asleep. When it happened to me i was laying there thinking about stuff then all of a sudden i felt an extremely scary presence, and when i opened my eyes, I saw my room (which I was almost positive wasnt a dream) and for half a second i saw a really scary figure in black. It scared the living daylights out of me and i immediaty tried to jump up cause I knew I was awake and concious but it felt like my face smacked into a wall and I couldnt move cause my body fell asleep and I was experiencing hallucinations (seeing my normal bedroom which was real combined with the black figure and scary presence which was a hallucination).

SP is really hard to determine cause alot of times u dont notice when you go into it, but if you see, hear, or feel something out of the ordinary and still have your conciousness but cant move. Its almost garenteed to be SP. Ive even slipped into a dream before, and felt my real body going into SP from the dream which woke me up and then i found myself laying there in SP experiencing hallucinations ^^