help with dreamsigns

Moved from Quest for Lucidity… Dream themes is one of the topics covered here in Stuff so feel free to respond on the actual thread :tardis:

if possible, could a experinced person whos good with dreamsigns PM me? i know were not allowed to interpert them on forums, so you know, anything would help. So PM me if you know the awnser to the following:
2.the sky/ stars taking on disturbing forms or moving
4.unable to move,talk,or scream for help
5.looking for people (mostly parents) and as soon as you find them, they dissapear
6. feeling of lighting moving through you.
if you know any of these, even just one, please let me know. :smile: when i figure out the awnser to one ill take it off this forum. thank you!!! :grin:

I always say; dream signs are personal for the person. You cannot have another interpret them for you unless they are a spiritual person and have formed a connection with you.

My advice is to find your own interpretations. In my opinion, dreams can mean anything, and they can mean nothing. I take them as they come, meditate on them if I want to, and try to learn while in the dream rather than outside.

Edit: By the way, it would be even more impossible to interpret the signs without hearing the dream. Wink wink