Help with techniques for DILD!


I would really like if someone could post a technique that has worked for you involving Reality Checks, cause I cant set my watch to beep every hour since my watch doesnt have an alarm, and I try to remember once ina while to a RC but I keep forgetting, and at the end of the day turned out I only did like 3 RCs… so what other stuff can you recommend to remember to do a RC very often in order to have DILDs

cause WILD wont work for me since I have to get up really early durring the week, and when I try in the weekends I just cant induce them… so just figured I better go off with DILDs…

I once read that you could write “RC” (for reality check) on the back of your hand. This way when you look at your hand, it will remind you to do a reality check.

A reality check can be as simple as looking at your watch, looking away, then looking back and seeing if the time has changed.

The reality check that I discovered by accident and like to use is to plug my nose with my thumb and forefinger… if I can still breathe thru my nose… I’m dreaming! :happy:

I use the nose-RC too. Fast, easy and efficient.

i got this comp program called lucille and what it does is every so often it can remind you to do a rc.

I also use Lucille. After making the messages more personal it seems to help a bit. Not much though.

Lucille pops up a message at your PC at regular time intervals. It also makes a little birdie-sound when it does.

But maybe the birdie-sound could trigger a LD if played in the bedroom at night… Worth a try! :smile: