Help With WBTB >.<

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Well today I tried WBTB.

My alarm rang at 6.10am, I get up. I remember the last thing I said in my dream before I just got up which was pretty cool. Because I like never really kind of believed that waking up during a REM cycle can help you with your DR. its true since I’ve experienced it :happy:

Anyways, after I get up, I turn the alarm off since its so goddam loud and annoying ><. After turning the alarm off, Im freaking tired ass. I was thinking of doing something since you have to like spend 10-30 minutes doing something before trying to WILD, but since I didnt know what to do I thought i’d try WILD right now. So I went to bed and 3 minutes later I fell asleep lol. :shy:

So to prevent this from happening again and failing my WILD, what things should I do after waking up for WBTB and for how long should I do it for? and I dont wanna do stuff that will make me too awake so I cant go back to sleep.

Thaks :happy:

The whole point of WBTB is in what are you doing while awake. You need to fill your mind with LDs to the top. Do RCs, read this forums, submerge yourself in lucid dreaming so the last thing on your mind before you fall asleep is LD. And try to combine it with either MILD or WILD.

Happy dreaming :smile:

Oh okay… So I should read about LD and make sure thats all I can think about.

And also, how long should I do it for?

Cause if its too long, I cannot go back to sleep :confused:

Thanks :happy: