Help withremembering to RC.

Hi all!

I’ve been having a frustrating amount of FA’s lately and I think the reason why is because I can never remember to do a RC. I have an extremely hard time remembering to do a RC. I’ve written little memos on my hand, tried to remember to do one when I do a certain thing (like walk into a room), I even put as my wallpaper on my cell as a sign to do a reality check. I just can never seem to remember to do them consistently.

Does anyone have any tips?

Try to make it a habit to do a RC everytime you wake up.

Sounds like you’ve done a lot of stuff I’d imagine would help.

I have an app on my phone that reminds me 5x a day at random intervals to do a RC. Perhaps that would help as its reminding you, not you reminding you. Could get you into the habit of doing them more.

Start by doing them during critical moments, that is:

  1. When you wake up (crucial to stop FA’s).
  2. When you write into your DJ after waking up (in case you forget to do a RC when you wake up. A DJ is probably a better reminder).
  3. When you see a DS.

It’s hard at first to do them consistenly, but keep doing them and it should eventually form a habbit. I’ve been actually having an “Inception” style totem, which works as an awesome reminder to do RC’s.

Thanks for the tips, guys! I’m going to see about that app, I think that would really help me.

I think I’ll also start writing ‘Do a RC!’ on the top of a new page in my DJ, that could really help. The Inception like RC is a really cool idea, too!

What is the app called? Is it for android? Been looking for something like that actually. :happy:

Do apps like that work in dreams? I mean, IRL, it does remind you to do a RC, but electrical devices are known not to work properly in dreams. What will remind you to do a RC in a dream then?

When you use the app to remind you to do a reality check in waking state, some time later you will automatically do a reality check on your own without that kind of remainder. It is like writing in your dream journal “do a reality check”. I think it has the same purpose because you don’t have a dream journal in a dream. I think it should really work.

The one I use is called Sleep Check Reminder. Yes, for android. There’s others as well.

I don’t expect it to, though if it does that’s great. I use it to keep RC more in the forefront of my activities. Prior, I had a similar problem to OPs. I would do a RC when I thought to do so. Having them sprung on me spontaneously has caused them to be more prevalent in my range of thought. And on the days I’m lazy, busy, etc. I’m guaranteed to do at least 5 RC that day.