Can someone tell me what I should do to get a lucid dream? :help:

Try the best technice for you. Usually auto sugstion and RC will help out a lot. Make sure you have good motivation. Try a DJ and that should help you significanlly. :confused:

That is a tremendous topic to cover…you should read:
[How to Choose Your Technique) - about choosing technique - general FAQ
and perhpas the most useful would be: - Lucid Dreaming Guide

And there is also the Lucid Dreaming Guide on the LD4all main page.

As a general statement, you have to enhance first your dream recall, then when you remember about 1 dream per night, you can practice a lucidity induction technique.

[color=darkblue]It all depends on the amount of time you are willing to spend practicing and what works for you. I mix and match bits of other techniques and get, on average one LD a week, which isn’t bad considering my way devotes very little time and commitment to LD.

I find doing the techniques which you enjoy helps best and helps keep your motivated. I, for example found RC’s a bit of a burden to my daily schedule and didn’t see much improvement for the effort put in, not to mention the fact that I often forgot to do them or it wasn’t practical to do them at a particular time (looking at my watch a lot while questioning “am I dreaming” hardly went down well in meetings :lol:).

I do a bit of auto-suggestion before sleep and sometimes if I am not too tired attempt WILD but I have a rule that if it hasn’t worked after a certain time- I stop because my concentration only tends to go downhill after that and it starts to interfere with my much needed sleep! I also keep a DJ and post here a lot (which helps!) because it is something I enjoy doing- if I didn’t enjoy it, I would stop doing it and find a tech that better fits my lifestyle or one that I do enjoy.

Finally, I’m sure the people here will be more than happy to help you at any time (as is already evidenced above!) Good luck…[/color]