Sometimes whenever I do alot of RCs during the day, at night, i try to relax but my mind is racing for some reason. I really wanted to have a lucid dream, and i was almost paranoid to have one, so I couldn’t fall asleep easily.

Also, I haven’t tried a lucid pill before, or teleport, and stuff so I want to do that, but whenever I’m in the dream I don’t remember to do it. Am I not fully lucid?

One more thing, Sometimes I don’t do RCs or even think about LDs during the day, and then when I go into a dream, I don’t even have to do a RC, but I do one anyway.

One last thing, I never really have lucid dreams right when I go to sleep, I always have them close to the time I wake up. So, I don’t have that much time to stay lucid.

Please Help me find the best technique to lucid dream

If you are having a hard time falling asleep (2-3 hours in bed withuot even getting tired) You should try to stay up for two full days. What tech do you use?

Well, last night i was trying to WILD, so i couldn’t fall asleep right. But most the time I just try to MILD.

Also, if this helps, I wake up easily the sounds, near when I usually wake up.

close to waking up is actually good, and you have more dream time. longer rem periods,see.

Dont worry. If you stress about lucid dreams too much they’re more likely to not come. And no dont stay up for two days, that wont help. What you need to do is be casual about it. Let me give you some tips that worked very well for me.

-Put a small dot on the back of your hand with a pen, when ever you look at it do a reality check.

-When doing a reality check really consider the fact that you could be dreaming, right then at that moment.

-Keep to your sleep pattern the best you can, the more often you go to sleep and wake up at the same times the easier it is to become lucid.
(My brain actually triggers while I’m sleeping, as if it knows that is the time I am always asleep.)

-Keep two pieces of paper by your bed. On one of them write the things you want to do while you’re lucid, then at the bottom write that when you become lucid you will look at this list. Sign your name at the bottom to form a contract with your own subconcious. This should help you remember the things you want to try when you become lucid.
On the other piece of paper put tonights date and a line, and then leave it blank for you to write down your dream the next morning. For some reason having that there always helps me.

Last of all, relax. Being lucid is a fun and amazing thing :content: There is no reason to stress over it, when it comes it will come.

I hope this helps.

Good news, I actually had an WILD. It was a great experience, something that I don’t get to have very often. Basicly the random images formed into me having my left hand into a triscuit box, and there is a cat in my face. Kinda random, but I used that, so when I was on the edge between at dream and reality, I knew I was dreaming. I think I had like 2 maybe 3 LDs. But before I even went into the dream, I didn’t even need to count to stay awake. I just knew I was coming close, and I started to focus one what I need to do.

Also, I think I’m going to start writing down ideas about what would be fun to do. Such a long list to remember to writing it down sounds good.

But, the main thing I need now is to figure out a way to stay lucid, for a long time. That’s the only problem I have.

Why not try and find your SG? I haven’t done it before, but a lot of other people have. If the dream fades away try rubbing your hands together or spin around really fast.

Well, during the summer, I let my LD skills slip, and that’s when I wanted to talk to my SG, but I gradually got worse at LDing, but now I’m back, and I want to try to talk to SG now, but I think I will forget by the time I get into the dream. How can I remember what to do?

Always think about it during the day and write it down thousands of time and think about it while going to sleep? Or when you get lucid ask yourself what you wanted to do.

Ok I will do that.

If you wake up at the 4.5 or 6 hour mark, stay awake for 30 to 60 minutes then go back to sleep doing MILD, there is a 15 to 20 FOLD increased likelihood that you will become lucid (according to Laberge)

He says the key is a period of wakefullness.

Congrats on the lucid dream. Here are some tips to stay lucid, and ways to notice you are about to wake up and need to use them.

When your vision becomes blurred, or you start feeling like you are losing control you are waking up. Also when the edges of your vision get dark or pure black, many people find this happens when they are waking up from a lucid dream.

Now for how you stay in the dream. First try looking at your hands and rubbing them together, tell yourself you want more time. usually the physical sensation willl keep you asleep.

If this is failing spin on your axis as fast as you can, continue to tell yourself you are still dreaming and you are on your way to a new dream (This prevents FA’s). When you spin fast enough your mind cant hold all the details of the dream around it and makes a new dream around you when you stop :content:

I can’t wake up, in the middle of the night and get up, for 30 mins or an hour, b/c of my parents, they also make me go to bed very early. I ususally sit in bed for 30 mins or and hour, before I finally fall asleep. Any suggestions? And also, I can’t do WBTB b/c I can’t wake up any of my family members.

Also, sometimes, If it has been a stressful, or if I’ve had cafienee before i go to bed, I can’t relax, and drift off. And it seems that I’m not confident enough that I will have a LD, so I started saying it more and more with more, but it did nothing, and I failed to have a lucid dream. What should I do?

And before, in this one dream i had, I realized that I was dreaming, so I started rubbing my hands to stay in it, and I was basicly rubbing my hands during the whole dream. And I had like 7 FAs. And the dream kept changing from one thing to another. What should I do?

Also, why was my first lucid dream so vivid, and I could do anything I want, and now I’m trying so hard to get the same control, but getting nothing. It was the longest LD I’ve ever had, it was the best LD I’ve ever had. I would kill just to get that same lucidity back.

Last night, I had something really good happen to me, but it was in a ND, and I guess I wished it was real, so I didn’t figure out that it was a dream.

It is weird, sometimes I get this weird feeling that I’m just going to have a lucid dream tonight and 90% of the time I do. How can I get this feeling more often?

Sorry about all this random questions and stuff, but I’m trying to give you guys alot of information, so you can try to help me.

I’ve just been a little excited. All I gotta do is chill. And know that I will have a Lucid dream.

I’ve realized over my LDing experiences, that doing a RC when you already know you are not dreaming is worthless. Example: Lets say I do a RC everytime I look at a clock. Well I’ve rarely even looked at a clock in daytime, let alone during a dream. All you have to do is do a RC when something bizzare happens, or a re-occuring dream sign/theme.

Oh I want to so badly. I actually tried talking to them, but they didn’t answer. SC or SG.

Ya, but half the time it is like an instant thing, I wake up in like 3 seconds. As compared to a gradually wake up. It’s probably my alarm clock or my family members.

To help remember your goals for when you’re lucid, pick one thing in particular that you want to try, and focus on that. When you do a reality check, remember the one goal you chose, and remind yourself to try it as soon as you’re lucid. The repetition will make it easier to remember, and associate remembering your goal with reality checking. When you do a reality check after you become lucid, hopefully the association between reality checking and remembering your goal will remind you of it, and you’ll be able to do whatever you had planned.

That’s a great idea.

also doing a quieting exercise before bed helps :wink:

I actually made a list last night. While i was in bed, I was thinking of things I would do, and I said they would be on a list. I actually got lucid, (DILD not WILD, I was trying for wild) but I actually remembered the list, but I started to read it and it had stupid poems and stuff that seemed like I copied them down in class last year in LA. Just becuase I was frustrated by that not working out, I forgot about what I needed to do, and I could have easily remebered the the first 5 things on the list, but I was overwelmed by that. Anyway, I woke up from the LD later, so I didn’t do anything except talk to my friends in my dream for less than 3 minutes. So it completely sucked. And last night, I didn’t even have a clue. I was at school and I’m on spring break right now. :ding:

Okay, last night, my sight went to black. And I felt like I could be in a dream. I tried imagining things, staying calm, all that crap. That feeling like I was in the dream went away, but it was still black, but a little different now. This feeling went away and came back like 3 times.

What am I suppose to do, can anyone help me with that?