Helpful Method?

I keep trying different methods to LD because nothings working for me very well. So I tried writing ‘Am I Dreaming’ on my hand because then I’d keep seeing it throughout the day in different situations.

I was hoping that this would induce a lucid dream because if I glance at my hand in my dream and it says ‘Am I Dreaming’, this should make me do an RC or simply make me realise I am dreaming. Or when I glance at my hand and there is no text, I should figure that there was something earlier there because I have been seeing it all the time in waking life.
To my dismay it did not induce a lucid dream for me.
But after having that tagged on to my hand for a few days people kept looking at my hand, and asking me what it says, and I kept explaining why I wrote it. So shouldnt this have a stronger effect on you compared to you just doing RCs?

I also noticed that this might not only get you lucid, but it can affect other people and help them get lucid as well. My friend (Chosenone) had a dream where I was a dream character, and he said I had some text on my hand but he didnt see what it was.
So I was hoping that even though I did not have success with this method, yet, maybe other people would?

currently as we speak i have similiar text on my hand. Instead i’ve been writing “I Am Dreaming” on the back of my hand… its a more positive message and when you think about it in a dream you think “I am dreaming”. Ive been using this method for about 2 weeks, and i’ve become lucid from checking it in a dream and discovering the text not to be there.

That sounds like and incredably good idea. Espeshally sence you’ve got people asking about it witch getts you thinking about LD more often. I have heard that the more you think about something durring the day the more likely it will carry over to you dreams. Also like reading about lucid dreaming before you go to bed.

Did i read that here? i can’t remember.