Here's a thought... "classic music"

In the 90’s, music as recent as the late 70’s started playing on oldies stations. More recently, I’ve been hearing 80’s music start to find it’s way onto more and more oldie stations.

In 5 years or so, does that mean Nirvana, KoRn, and Pearl Jam will be played alongside the Beatles, Bread, and the B-52s?

Or do you think conventional radio will be dead by then, replaced by satellite and internet radio?

I fear the day when I hear a DJ say “Classic hits from Snoop Dogg, Marilyn Manson, and Orgy on the Monday Night Retro Hour! Every monday night on W-OLD!”

it’s highly probable if they are of good enough quality :tongue:

think of the fifties and Elvis and rock and roll :tongue: the older generation was really against that and called it the devil’s music :wink:

That still happens now. When Lordi were selected to play in the eurovision song contest there was outcry from the Finnish church, and they were described as satanic death metal. :neutral:

I find grown ups bashing music foolish.

They are gonna loose. Big time.

Any music is ok with me when it comes to satan/image/etc.

But much music sounds like shit in my ears, thats true :grin:

Manson is no longer labeled “evil” anymore, thankfully, except by the most extremist of extremists. Ever since he poured his heart out in Bowling for Columbine, America realized he’s just as human as anyone, and a genius one at that.

Ironically, Snoop Dogg is being viewed by more and more people as evil, since gangsta rap is being targeted by the media again.

Just goes to show that nobody is really making these judgements for themselves, it’s all lemming instinct.

(Wow, this thread changed tone fast haha)

Isn’t it weird. Rap hasn’t had this much heat since the 90’s. It feels like a really boring VH1 documentary, but with a twist. Now we all have one dumb host to thank because he insulted a women’s team containing a certain ethnicity.

Call me confused, but exactly how did we get from Imus’ second rate rantings to a crusade consisting of 'let’s ban the words ‘b******’ and ‘h***’? I mean, not even the R. Kelly trial and Snoop’s recent ballads made great hip-hop mogul Russel Simmons go ‘we need to rethink some factors’.

Anyway, back to the topic, when music like this does become classical, there’s a good chance they’ll reinforce acts like this. However, with that said, the song itself might not be as good as it was originally because of the censorship.

hahahaha, I will never listen to rap.

I think that there will be specific channels for all that rap and hip hop. Personally I would be happy if all that type of music was launched towards the Sun in a rocket within the next 5 years…but it ain’t gonna happen, unfortunately :wink: 50’s music will be dropped because of a lack of interest (screw you, Elvis!), and 70’s rock will become the new 50’s music, something that 50 year old people listen to and get mocked by their ignorant children.

Wow! There’s a group I never thought would be together! I don’t think so. But maybe. Think about it. Your generation is the first that the parents listened to the same music and wore the same clothes, really. I like lots of music but lately have listened to alot of '90s alt. Been playing Collective Soul right now alot. My 17 year old daughter likes more cont alt but still we can and do share cd’s and talk about new stuff. We have an indie fm channel here that is nice because it lets us hear stuff we’d never hear anywhere else.

I think the future of radio will be personally listener defined, which is nice but people will lose out on new or smaller bands.

Indie stations are fantastic. For every good song there’s about 8 bad ones, but like you said, you’d never hear them anywhere else. I usually only listen to the radio for classical music, though, since I’m fed up with stations butchering songs so they can air more commercials. Not to mention I’ve been listening to mostly european pagan bands, which most stations won’t play “lest they summon the wrath of the local churches\fundie groups”. (NOTE: Not a jab against christians, just a jab at people who abuse their own religion for ego’s sake)

Sorry if that got a little rant-y :razz: I’m just very opinionated about music lol