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This is not the exact quote from the first episode, but it’s close enough. :tongue:

“Where does it come from? This quest, this need to solve life’s mysteries which the simpliest of questions cannot be answered. Why are we here? What is the soul? Why do we dream? Wouldn’t it be better if we just didn’t ask questions at all. But that is not human nature. Not the human heart. That is not why we are here.”

I love Heroes, the TV show. Anyway I just thought that they really have some good quotes in Heroes and I just wanted to share that one.

Feel free to post another quote, talk about this quote or talk about Heroes.

Heroes are remembered, but legends never die!

I wonder when the new season comes (if comes);
and the quote: (not exactly like that but paraphrased)
‘‘don’t you get the feeling that you are meant to do something extraordinary’’.

I love the Heroes, TV Show, too. It’s really awesome! I think the first season’s ending was great. My favourite character is of course Peter Petrelli.

It’s the best show I’ve ever seen, to be honest! :happy:

My fav character beside Hiro Nakamura is Peter, but i don’t fav peter merely because of his powers but even more because of his personality, i identify myself a lot w/ him because of that.

Mhm, like I said before, Kuro and I watch Heroes :smile: and really like it alot :happy:

I forgot, i think i should post my ‘‘Heroes Dreams’’ here: :content:

  1. The Company Persuader - Dec 8, 2007
    I was the leader of this company which was also ‘the company’ from Heroes. I had the ability to persuade.
    Later on Bob arrived but morphed himself into Liderman then into a black man who i interrogated and told i knew he was linderman. And
    then too
    ‘Elles’ who didn’t seem like the character entered.

  2. Heroes:Villains/Ep.Sylar’s back - Dec 13, 2007

Sylar regained his powers as in the series, and was looking for some kid that later on turned out to be
Micah because Nikki just appeared saying that she faked Micah’s mother so Sylar didn’t kill him.
Sylar showing his powers, destroys the rooftop of a gas station behind.

Later on i see the titles of a seemingly behind-the-scenes Heroes season 1/2 showing the following


  1. Claire’s or Isaac’s Painting? - Dec 23, 2007

Claire from Heroes was with my parents and my brother in the hallway of our home showing us a painting she has painted. It was a big canvas, like 4’x4’ with a rocky shore landscape of the beach.But she wanted to show us a better water colorish effect and showed us a much smaller one,like inches big.

  1. The Black Sea Serpent is after Claire - Jan 18, 2008

There was this storm on the ocean and Claire, Noah Bennet from Heroes and me, were on this crabboat. Suddenly a black sea serpent w/ yellow evil eyes was attacking us to get Claire for some reason. Apparently the serpent hit the boat making Noah fall to the net below.
Scene shifts-
Claire and i were not on the boat anymore for some reason and Noah wasn’t there, the same w/ the
serpent or so we thought. The water changed to quicksand but we didn’t have any problem w/ it
whatsoever. We approached this building’s corner sidewalk and w/ fear of having the serpent come
back, i was finding a quick way to escape from the ground and i saw this second floor part on the wall and i
decided w/ Claire to climb it up, but we didn’t have any rope but i look to the side and i see one.
Scene shifts-
We were at the same place but w/ another angle and view, and the serpent came back, i told Claire to
hide the rope but the serpent caught her anyway, somehow i used a whirlwind power and disintegrated
the serpent and suddenly my cousin Jose used another power of drying the quicksand to rock and we
both saved Claire.