hey all...a lil help with WILD?! :)

I am very very eager to learn and master the WILD technique to induce LDs. I entered either a OBE or LD the FIRST time i tried WILD. I remember i was in my room and did the digital clock and pinching on the arm RC. it was sooo cool.
Anyways, ever since my first try, i have not been able to get even close
I only tried WILD like 3 times after that, I have also started maintaining a DJ, for past three days i have written down one dream per night (I can manage to get around 1/2 page every time on word at font size 12…so i guess my dream recall ability is naturally good). I used to get as close as the vibrations stage but then i just snapped right out
last try, i haven’t been able to get even up to the vibrations stage neither could i see the HI! i feel like i am going backwards lol.
Anybody have any suggestions for me? anything that might help would be sooooo much appreciated
thank you all for paying attention.

Could you please explain your WILD proccess more accurately, like when do you do WILD, how do you do it, what you feel during each step etc. Then maybe we’ll be able to tell where’s the problem.

i do it in the morning, after around 6-7 hours of sleep as generally recommended. i first do deep relaxation…i am an athlete so i have been doing the whole limbs going heavy, hot and free for about a year…so i am good at that…after relaxation, i focus on the dots you see with eyes closed…they start to move and idk much after that, it just kinda keeps getting deep and i get vibrations…and then it happened…but as i said, just once :meh:
i am having trouble going from vibrations to the dreams and for the past two days, from the deep relaxed state to the seeing dots stage. i do it laying on my side…laying on my back doesn’t really work for me due to some reason.
Please let me know if you wanna know anything else. Thanks for listening :smile:

Try counting. That’s widely used and works well. If you’re easily distracted like me, and can be hard at first, but it works great.

Im trying to learn how to WILD as well. I would recommend reading the WILD section in the guide section on this site if you haven’t already. Although I haven’t actually had a WILD yet, I have experienced HI, and one time my eyes started twitching like they were going into REM or something. I hope this helps, I am also interested in anything that can help me WILD.

Maybe the dots you see ruin the proccess. Were I you, I would concentrate on something else. See if that works.
Also make sure that you don’t concentrate too much, since it will be harder to fall asleep. Try to move your thoughts away from waking life, try to forget your IRL body. Then, once you have forgotten your physical body, it will be a lot easier to imagine yourself in a dream body. That should result in a LD.
Another suggestion would be to try WILD’ing earlier. 6-7 hours is the maximum limit. I would rather suggest doing WILD after 4-6 hours of sleep. Maybe the fact that you’re not tired anymore and the REM sleep has already passed makes it hard to get a dream.

yes! i was thinking the same about all the rem sleep body needs being taken already…i’m gonna try to do it earlier then.
And also i’m gonna try counting this time. the same manner its given in the wild faq in the forum.
though i have one more question…how do i know if i am concentrating too much or too less?
Thanks guys all for the help, i’ll keep you posted! :smile:

If you can’t fall asleep, if the WILD proccess seems going on for hours, then you’re concentrating too much.

If you fall asleep normally, and fail the WILD proccess, then you concentrate to little.

You cannot master WILD in 4 attempts, you need to practise and practise and practise to get experience and improve, just like lucide dreamning. Good luck.

The trick is in 2 things:

  1. combine WILD with WBTB. Find good time for WBTB and find out how long you need to be awake. Not to much, and not to little.

  2. Learn to let yourself fall asleep - like Paulius said, it’s about concentration. Finding perfect balance. But to understand more, when you feel like you’re in heavy SP then let yourself asleep. Then you should start to feel a few strange sensations and you will be in a dream. Also the second before you decide to fall asleep try to think at something specific. I like to think about my hands because they are my RC and there is grater chance to see them in a dream.

Also you can read my topic about that here!

I hope this helps! Good luck!

thanks all of you guys! :smile: your advises have helped me in priceless ways so far…last morning i ALMOST had a LD. but it was close enough to get my confidence back.
I tried to let go and fall asleep, but that’s something, i guess, as you guys said as well, is gonna need a lot of practice.
I’ll keep trying and post when i manage to have a proper LD.
Thanks you all very much again! :smile: best of luck to you too, guys!