hey all, im new here, but heres my eild technique

Hey all thanks for taking the time to come and read this, the other night i developed a new Wild technique, but I’m not sure if anyone has created it before i did, so if anyone has heard of it before please let me know : ) thanks, i am calling this technique eilds, OK here’s the technique, lay on your back, and keep looking either right/left whatever is more comfortable for you, and keep your eyes in that direction, and deep breathing helps, actually any good relaxation/hypnosis technique combined with this technique will do you wonders, i repeat to my self, let go, just let go, and deep breathing, as you start to loss awareness, your eyes will recenter them selves, and hopefully making you aware again, and when you do become aware again you must resist the urge to roll over and go to sleep, this is hard due to feeling druggy, but i notice the more druggy you feel, useually means your closer to actually becomeing/going into
[/b] lucid/aping. actually this technique helped me to obe, as i was totally relaxed i kept imagining the sensation of getting up, and i actually got up, but i thought i actually got up for real, and wasted the experience, but anyway here’s my technique, hopefully i become well known for creating a kick ass technique, and trust me, ill take all the credit :smile:

 :eh: thanks all and happy lucid dreams to all  :eh:

Congratulations on your technique :happy: .

Also do you do this before you go to bed, or in the middle of the night?

yep mate, do it through when your ready to go to bed, or dureing the night

When you look to your left/right do you mean go to your side and sleep on your left/right side?

Cool tech, im gonna try this tonight :smile:
I think he means actually looking to the side your more comfortable with while lying on your back :wink:

good work dude , i’ll try this :yes: really cool , (marks this for the library )
keep up the good work !!!

Sounds cool bro, I might try this tonight :content:

Whoa!! i Wild ’ ed yesterday! im gonna keep using this!!

this sounds very smart, because even sitting here its kinda tough to look in one direction but do you do it with your eyes open or closed? Anyway i cant try it now because im on “Infinity” and hopefully when im threw with that ill try it. but congratz ouvres tes yeux on your WILD. I read you DJ =] im still tryin to get to Sky Island :ack:

keep at it
I hardly write in there anymore, thanks for reminding me :razz:

Psh no prob. reading DJ’s are so much fun! ( I almost can’t wait to try this tech. but I almost want to get over with Infinity hahah.)

good luck with infinity, i personaly would rather get lucid without that stuff :razz:

well i just want to see how far i will get i mean i geuss i have a lotta time and if this fails i have so many other options like EILD wohoo!

do it with your eyes closed for those who don’t know what i am saying, but i am glade some people already had success wtih my eild tech, for those who dont know eilds stand for, eye induced lucid dream, could others let me know of the susscess rate of this technique cheers all:) this is probley maybe the best tech i made, but i got others but this works best for me, i had a nap a few hours ago, and i wild 2:) bye for now but i should say i eild:)

one more thing, which do yous find a better technique, the normal wilds tech, or eilds?

i will try tonight and let you know in 2 days acillis.

i thought ill bump this to give those who never heard of it a go, since others had luck with it the first time i posted it, here you go
if you liked this tech, plz do check out my refined technique eilds 2 cortex dreaming i developed months later simply because the original tech was lacking intensity

Hey, sounds great, I’ll be trying this tonight! :cool:
Will report back results! I feel confident this will work for me as I recognise the ‘druggy’ feeling you speak of, and if I can use this tech to get to that point, the rest is a piece of cake! :tongue:

Thanks for sharing!

Has anyone else had success with this technique?

I think I’m gonna try it tonight…

So, the eyes act as a sort of trigger to the roll over signal?

Sounds interesting, I’ll give it a shot.