hey all

i’m new to the board, got some questiosn about lucid dreams…

i’ve been reading about it alot and i would want to get one myself!
i’m someone that usually goes to sleep at 11 hour and get up 8 o clock in vacationa and 6 o clock on schooldays
i also never remember my dreams, maybe 2 time a year i remember a dream
it also happened to me once i’m dreaming andi also knew i was dreaming, but wasnt really awake, just letting it go its onw way…

ppl got any tips for me?



Hello. I would suggest trying to remember more dreams by thinking about them before you get up. Also write them down and find out what your dreams are like. There are many ways to have a LD, so read the different techniques and find out which one works for you, I went with MILD to start out with. Good luck!

Hi :grin:.

A good way to improve your DR is to repeat the mantra, ‘I will remember my dreams’ in your head until you fall asleep/until you get bored of repeating it (I’d say do it for at least half an hour if it’s keeping you awake).

Do that for a couple of days, and you should find your DR should improve greatly :smile:.

allright thx guys

Hi WannaBee ! Welcome to the forum ! :smile:
As dreamusic pointed it out, the most important thing for you will be to increase your dream recall. Have a look a the BIG remembering dream topic and also at this post Dream recall has left the buidling where you can find some useful tips !