Hey Everyone! [natural 1 LD a month want more]

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Hey, my name is Joe, Im 36, from NYC, and Im new to the forum. I have been able to control my dreams since I was very young, but it wasn’t until recently that I had learned that it was called Lucid Dreaming. Since I have learned about it, I have been wanting to experience this every night. I love the feeling and the realism of the experience, and its exciting to me about the possibilities of LD. I have them sporadicly, probably about once a month, but they are very vivid, and I have been able to fly, and make them longer, by spinning, and other methods. I have read many ways to initiate them, but a few say that you must wake yourself up to disrupt sleep. Unfortunately, with a newborn in my room, and a wife that doesn’t understand this stuff, it is not possible for me to do this. Ive tried wearing headphones, but they always end up off my ears. Are the supplements any good for this?

Welcome to the forum.

A newborn in the room is a brilliant opportunity for a natural WBTB Babies are brilliant for disrupting your sleep :wink:

You would think so, but I’m a very heavy sleeper.

Well I used to be a heavy sleeper - once the first baby arrived I changed into a light one.

So, yesterday, I performed many reality checks, along with counting backwards from 100 and repeatedly saying “I will lucid dream” and I didn’t have any luck. I had also woke up a couple times during the night and nothing. I want this very bad.

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Hey Joe,

Give yourself some time to improve, its okay if it doesnt happen in one night :smile:

If you’d like to youre welcome to join us in the 57th lucidity challenge on this forum, for me that was a great way to lower the pressure on myself and have more fun with my dreams, resulting in more LDs than ive had in a very very long time.

Do you keep a dream journal?
Waking yourself can be a great method for lucid dreaming but there are other ones too, that maybe are more suitable for your current lifestyle.