hey! i used to post here a year ago...

hello everyone,
well, last summer i posted here for a while as ‘chitstix’ i think. i tried and basically failed to have an LD - the closest i got were a couple of seconds of hazy realisation then waking up.

so, this summer, due to no school, i’m gonna be trying again :happy: i’m determined…

so i suppose i might ask a question. i usually have a bit of difficulty getting to sleep, i move about a lot etc. and get bothered by little things. however, i want to try the suneye method, seeing as it seems to work so much. specifically, getting up early and reading for an hour or so. im just worried that after that hour i won’t be tired and won’t be able to go to sleep at all!

Hey there. Welcome back. Its harder to do during school but even during the school year you might find that keeping the ole’ dream journal going and just paying attention to your dream patterns could help you become lucid more often.

As for the WBTB techniques… only stay awake long enough for you to make sure that your mind is up but your body is still tired. You may want to alter the length of time you sleep before you wake and such. Say if sleeping three hours works better for you than five… then do that. If staying awake for only fifteen minutes works better for you than an hour do that instead. Try it out a few different ways.

My sleep schedual never allows for me to get enough sleep to do WBTB techniques so I don’t have much experience but I know enough to say that everyone has their own biological rhythms, to a certain degree, and you should make small adjustments for your own ways.

hi martinc!

Welcome back to this forum :content: It sounds like u really are determined this time! GREat! If u put your mind to having a Ld…u wILL have one!!(trust me). All u have to do is think about what u would do in a Ld(do this b4 going to sleep…lying in bed)…and eventually u will become lucid. That methos sounds very much like thw WBTB method. Well if u r so worried about not being able to go back 2 sleep, why dont u stay up for like 20 mins instead of a Full hour? That waht begginers should do(beginners meaning ppl that are trying new mwthods 4 1st time).
Good lUck with that u r doing and having LDs agin^_~