Hey, I'm new to LD

Hey, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of LDs, and I’m very interested. I was wondering how long it took you guys to have your firs LD?
- Mr. G

I had a few lds naturally when i was a kid, but didnt know what they where. Anyway i came across it on some forum, started researching, found some sites about LDs and hang around reading the forum and such.

Around a week after i had my first LD.

the chances are you’ve had a few before and dont remember.

after looking at this site, the first night i wrote down a dream, the second night (last night) i told my self to remember my dreams when i was going to sleep in my head…i woke up 2 times worte down my dream, in one some lady i didn’t know was talking about lucid dreaming woke up went back to sleep had a lucid dream not for long though a few minutes before i woke up…it was weird.

if your new to lucid dreamin, listening to laberges mp3 it contains mutch information its a intervieuw with the author of the book exploring the world of lucid dreaming. i remember u can download it at home.no/lucid/link.htm

Hey! Welcome to the boards. If you would like to read an easy to understand and yet comprehensive guide to lucid dreaming you might want to check out Stephen LaBerge’s “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming.” You can get it for, like, six or seven bucks from Amazon.com. I have found it quite illuminating.

I have been writing my dreams down since I was in high school (27 now… well in four days) but only recently, within the last year or two, become interested in trying to have lucid dreams. In the last year I have had five or six lucid dreams but I’ve only been lightly trying as I’ve been so busy of late. Some people are quite successful right off… and some people take a little longer but everyone can learn to do it.

hello I just recently got interested in LD because of waking life it was an amazing movie and I watch it over and over but thats beside the point

I started trying to train myself about two no three days ago I have been doing RC’s constantly and last night as I was going to sleep I kept thinking quitly to my self I will dream now I will recognize that I am dreaming and so and so on And as I was falling asleap like the first second I fell asleap I saw one of my techers accept the fact that he was well the same just a bit bigger you know like built like he worked out i knew i was dreaming but woke instantly right as i realized i was dreaming the dream was only a few brief seconds

I then tried to fall asleap again thinking to myself and as I start to fall asleap it happens again but this time I am walking down the street I have never been there before there is a woman walking with me she is well beutifull just a normal looking person and then I realize Iam dreaming and wake up after only a few more seconds the total time from just before I had the firs to the end of the second one was no longer than aminute or two

now I was wondering if it natural to have these littl tastes if that is what you want to call them or teasers also my mmother woke me up this morning and When she did I lost the entire night of dreaming I know that all night I was dreaming so intensly its almost as thoug i remember but my mind is black you know it was almost like daje vu but different just the feeling that I tired myself out dreaming but feel more awake than ever but My mom waking me up startled me so much that it must have made me forget

bla bla bla I know prety extensive. only one more thing tho after beeing awoken by my mother I lay in bed and I was half awake you know right in the middle of sleep and wake but anyways I was dreaming so vividly so… (i cant think of a word) but every time I realized I was dreaming the dream would change and I would forget almost that i was dreaming and figure out that I was dreaming in that dream and it would change I cant bloody remember tho I know iwas dreaming but my mom kept nagging me and every time she did i lost what i had i remember when I finnaly got out of bed I felt detached almost like i was some were else but I did all the reality checks I know and sadly I was awake all tho it felt less real than the short dreams i remember before falling totaly asleap

I know its long but I like to write now has any one else had the same sort of things happen and is there a good way to remember your dreams to put them in a dream journal cause I can pick the damn thing up but the minute i start writing i get like two words down and loose all train of thought what so ever I think of blackness nothing just zone out so if you guys can help mre get the dreams in the journal that would be cool

The path is confusing and frightning but we still must strive strive for something greater something to fill the void that limits us to mear words
that is a challenge my friend but I am always up to a good challenge are you? untill I find that something or some one esle does I will remain happy with me and happy with you Aaron Szalai

Ps(my last name is said as sly you know like a fox or … sly and the family stone[the band])

i appologise for the long and mostlikely boring letter

The best thing I ever did was to buy a cheap microcassette recorder for about 12 bucks. I lay it in the bed next to me, and every time I wake up from a dream, I hit record, and just say all that I can remember. It’s a lot easier than writing, and fumbling around for a pencil and paper in the dark. I then go back to sleep, and wake up later after another dream and do it all over again. Using this method, I’ve found that I can record as many as 5 to 6 dreams per night, some I would never have remembered if I didn’t use the tapes. When you wake up for good, or even later that evening you can go back and listen to everything you said, and write it down just as if you remembered it clearly the first time. Hope this helps. It will definately improve your dream recall after about a week to 2 weeks. Also try taking vitamin b-6 and ginkgo biloba for mental alertness. I have some pretty vivid dreams when I take them 30 mins before bestime.

Hehe…yeah i do exactly same thing.Microrecorder is a good way.Later on during the day i can put more energy in writing it all down:)

Welcome Mr G :smile:
So your new to lds…well how long it takes depends of two things…

  1. your talent.
  2. your dedication.

Start with a dream diary…and read about lds…here at the forum is much info about all perspectives of lucid dreaming.


K thats cool I have been rembering parts of the dream now bits and pecies and ihave kind of pieced thing together now

I cant wait to see what happens tonight I have been realy concentrating on relaxation and trying to not get too exited well I ll see what happens

On the road of life there are many obstacles problems if you will but once you overcome them you will see that the journey ends with a realization that life was great…

I dont know I lost my train of thougt … my mother was talkingand its hard to wright and listen to someone at the same time

Till the next time I remain serching and under the name of Aaron Szalai