HH leads to DG quest!

Hi there all! first of all, sorry Rhewin if this noobie posts in the wrong place and makes you clean up his mess again :razz:. This week I have been refining different WILD techniques to find out what works best. The SP slowly developed a while after i felt the muscle atonia beginning, and eventually the scenery started developing, disappearing and developing again from what 5 minutes ago were complex phosphenes. I gave it another couple minutes, and i began running through a checklist in case my first LD fully emerged. I reminded myself that first i would keep it simple and just examine my surroundings and keep interaction minimal. I remarked on the progress i was making, and suddenly I heard another person remark on this as well. I recognized this isn’t quite normal, but found it exhilarating at the same time. The voice was commenting on my progress and offering advice at the same time to keep my progress moving forward.

Long story short the LD didn’t materialize quite as i thought it would. But I succeeded in recognizing and meeting what could possibly be my dream guide before i even met him in person :smile: well, “in person” being used loosely in this context. I recognized the voice as a fictional charactor from an old video game that is still my favorite, and his position in the game was as a handler for a special agent, a guide, which seems very appropriate. So now i have a new goal, which im going to continue to pursue when i go to bed after posting this. maybe i’ll find out it was a one time HH and i have yet to meet my actual guide, maybe it will be him and he’ll recognize me. I’m off to find out, wish me luck! :smile: