Hi, and my first LD

Hello! I’ve known about LDing since that episode of Ed, which I’m sure you guys are hassled about constantly. I’ve been meaning to look up LD since I saw that episode, and I finally did. For the past few days I’ve been lurking. Here’s my first success.

I was taking a nap around noonish. I dreamt that I was at a school carnival, and being chased by people I knew in middle school. I was embarassed and glum, but then I remembered, “Wait. Maybe this is a dream.” I did the levitation and nose breathing reality checks, and realized I was definitely LDing.

There was a brief period of typical LD stuff (shooting fire out of my hand, flying, making toy animals dance) but my girlfriend called, waking me up after what I think was about 10 minutes of LDing. I’m excited because I didn’t use any techniques, which makes me suspect it’ll be even better when I’m better at WILDing, MIlDing, or WBTB. Anyway, just introducing myself. I hope to learn a lot from you guys.

1 question right off the bat. Is it possible to use LDing for real world purposes? I’m wondering if I could practice my Spanish while LDing, then apply what I’ve practiced in the real world. I don’t suppose I could do writing or reading, since symbols are always changing in a dream, but could I practice talking?

From what I’ve read yeah it is possible. In the LaBerge book it gives examples of how people practised sports in dreams like Tennis and Skiing and Karate, which helped them greatly in real life. I guess you could listen to a spanish tape while going to bed or something :razz: Or make your spanish teacher appear for a lesson. Just holding a conversation in a dream in Spanish would help… damn I wish I knew about LDing while taking French!

That was something close to what I was going to say, so now I don’t have the responsibility to mention all of that now. :razz:

As for that being your first LD, great job! :thumbs: I’m still not over the fact that you got to do so many cool things in your first lucid dream! :happy: Most of my first LDs were’nt too eventful, but I had some great dreams eventually. Keep it up, Omelet! :yay:

Hi Omelet4th! Welcome to the forum! :wave:

It’s theorically possible to practice something while LD’ing, but I think it’s rather difficult cause you need to have many LD’s and a good lucidity level so that you can remember what you planed to do.