Hi everyone!

Well, some of you know me from the IRC chat channel #ld4all (yes, I am THAT Godmode!) Just letting you know I’m now on the forums, so nobody is safe… lol
Sorry, I think I posted this in the wrong area, and can’t figure out how to move it… a little help, mods? Thanks!

My dear lady goddess Godmode of course mode on lol :wink:
A big hug from Jeff and a big hug for Toby :smile:
And a warm welcome :beer:

Everything ok with you?



yo Godmode!
so great to have more ppl from the chat on the fourms! Congrats! and to quote a very strange 37 yr old: “GGreetzzzzzzZzzZzzzzzz” :wink:


This message is gonne explode after Jeff changes into a boring guy!

Hail Godmode!!

Cool name, and long live Lucid Dreaming.

Hey Godmode! Ive talked to u soemtimes in the chatroom. Its nice to see u in here! Btw…U cant move a post, only Moderators can do that. If u ask a Mod, i’m sure they will :slight_smile: Good to see u again!

yeah, that’s pretty much why I said ‘a little help, mods’ lol!! Its good to be here, haven’t posted to much yet, too busy playing Catch Up.

what is the server where that channel is located. Because you see, my OS doesn’t have Java supported yet, and I like chatting via mIRC better anyway.

  • Xoalin

Ok, good luck. Remember, Reality Check Check Check, all the time!!

Dream well…

Hi everybody

Good website, good info, nice subjects and subsubjects.

I wan’t to explore luciddreaming. My experience with LD is little. I have a dreamdiary, but most of the time i don’t remember my dreams. Sometimes i become lucid, but thats a split second and then its gone.

But i am patient.

See you around!

all of this is explained on the “chat” page of the website.
See the green button at the very top and on the right labled “Chat” :wink: