Hi i'm new here and I was wondering.....

Does anyone here just plain control their dreams when they feel like it? I do when I feel like it. For example I will be in a dream and say someone will shoot me and then I’ll think to myself it’s just a dream and I’ll fly or dodge it or something. Does anyone do this too?

If you do so you are lucid,or at least pre-lucid.If you know exactly that you are lying in your bed and sleeping and you name and live and stuff,you are really lucid.
If you just know that you aren’t in “reality” and that you can change things by will you are pre-lucid
Congragulations,you seem to be a “natural” :smile:

lucky son of a b… eh… no hard feelings, You see, I had to work hard to get lucid. welcome btw! Check out home.no/lucid/link.htm You will get alot of information there about Lucid dreaming.

EDIT: someone have put a .no in the end of my URL, I don’t like it so I removed it, it should be .htm

Yeah, right, it’s cool, but it would be better if you removed the “.no” ending in your link :wiske: