Hi, new here.

Hello fellow dreamers!

My name is Dennis and I live in the Netherlands. I came across this site on another where a dreaming topic was opened. I’m very interested in dreams/dreaming, and I’m planning on keeping a journal of my dreams. Very often, I at least feel like I’ve had more than 1 dream in my sleep (which usually lasts for about 6-8 hours (my sleep, that is)), and only sometimes I can remember parts from the last one I’ve dreamt.

I’ve been reading about a little, and I’ll be going to sleep in about 30 minutes to an hour (had a nightshift), and I guess I’ll test the “drink half a glass of water” method, and see if it has any effect. Has anyone else got any tips or tricks? And how’s experience with the “half a glass of water” method?

Thanks in advance, and happy dreaming. :smile:

Hmmm! First of all :welcome:

I hope that you will be very happy here! It’s always FAB to see new members! grins happily

To be perfectly honest with you, I’ve never tried the ‘half glass of water’ method before, do you know how it works?

I’ve found the best method for me (and it’s completely different depending on who you are!) is just improving my recall, as everybody dreams every single night, but it’s just a matter of remembering them, and the more you have, the more of them are likely to be lucid! laughs

let me know how it goes! Good luck!

Aaaand happy dreaming… :content:

I meant this method:

Water trick
You can also take a glass of water, and consciously drink half of it. While you drink you tell yourself that you are going to dream and remember your dream. Then visualise how you wake up, drink the rest of the water, and remember your dream.
When you awake, you empty the glass and if everything goes well, your subconscious will be triggered to let your dream surface.

I tried it, though saddingly without success. On the other hand, how much can one expect after one “exercise”. Haha. :smile: