Hi, what is my recall/dream quality like?

I’m on medication that knocks me out for 12 hours but am able to retrieve one dream per night.

Here is my dream journal, how well do I recall and how good/bad is my dream quality?

Night 1:
Heard talking and found a bear in my bed

Night 2:
Was framed for murder and get sent to prison. While a mettalica song played

Night 3:
Went to estranged friends house. Hung out with him then explored and got lost. Didn’t have phone /money. Someone helped me find the house but couldn’t stay as medication was at home

Night 4:
Dad was angry I didn’t go on trip banged on door

Night 5:
Downloaded one song and guy came to fine me

Night 6:
Had birthday, pretend to be a wrestler and started fighting

Night 7:
Try and be tough meet guy at party who was US military. Eat chips at his place which is weird because he’s looking for place

Night 8:
Got mugged at gunpoint for my watch by two people. They felt bad and gave me back watch lol

Night 9:
Went to convenience store at night. Two guys were smashing bottles and talking. I lay down to not be seen then stood but was invisible

Night 10:
Woke up to my friend and a big bang theory actor planning a map. Then there was a party, they said they had concerns about me

Night 11:
All blacks came to school to teach kids rugby (I’m a kid in this dream) do sprints first then sit around on grass while they show there medals that were all broken

IMO, a consistent one dream per night while on your medication is good.

Are those bullet point descriptions of your dreams or are you unable to remember the details?

That’s all I have remembered in my DJ

My advice would be to lie in bed without moving on awaking and spend time trying to recapture all the dream memories. Taking this time should result in remembering more details.

I think you are doing quite well compared to a lot of people I know. A daily recall is a good sign, and it provides a good foundation.

If you don’t mind me asking, I have a few questions:

  • How do you usually wake up? with an alarm or naturally?
  • How long do you wait between waking up and writing in your DJ?
  • And lastly ( I know some people are sensitive with this subject, don’t answer if you don’t want to) What medication (and dosage) are you taking to knock you out?

Sounds good enough. Do what moogle says and try to recall more parts of your dreams. Those are just a fragment of a big story.

I wake up naturally and do DJ immediately.

I’ve been DJ’ing for a month and a half now with one dream recalled per night and no lucid dreams

Also for my reality checks I’ve got a timer on my watch that goes off every 30 mins is this not as good as remembering to reality check without a reminder