High level lucidity,full detail world,and make ppl appear!!!

Last night i accidentally discovered some techniques,that are the solution to this problems i had.Nothing else had work for me so far,but this worked great!!!
So here it is.

I use the nose closing technique to become lucid.Many times my lucidity is very low and i can hardly control myself.
Keep closing the nose! Its so easy,and just spare one hand while flying or standing,for some moments :content:
Keep closing it many times till you attain high level lucidity and use it also to make the environment appear in higher detail!

The other technique,to make a person appear.
Find a bed and cover it with a blanket or sth,but in a messy way,so it looks like something is under it.You can even put a pillow under.Then concentrate (imagine the person) while closing the nose.Remove the cover and the person should be there!

Let me know how it works for you!!! :smile:

I have tried convering the bed before but I didn’t close my nose. It didn’t work then, maybe next time.


Yes that worked for me in one LD:

I was in a totally white room. I saw white bed in front of a window where the sun shines through. The bed was empty and blanket lays flat on it. I imagine my girlfriend under the blanket and suddenly it begins to get bigger and bigger ( no my girlfriend is not fat :tongue: ). I pulled the blanket from the bed and under it was my girlfriend. The funny thing is that she was totally flat now…

So I think too that this is a pretty good technique to make people appear.

Alternatively, you could hold the blanket up like an illusionist or something.

Thanks, one of my goals is to find the DC of someone IRL.
This should be helpful! :smile: