So I realised that there is not much information on HILD. What I mean about this is that it is not mentioned as much. Well I would like to bring it back, credits to hargarts

What is HILD/FILD?
HILD or FILD stands for Hargarts Induced Lucid Dreaming or Finger Induced Lucid Dreaming.This is used when you are tired and feel like you drift off any second. The purpose of this technique is to move your index and middle finger like playing a piano lightly and lowly so that when you sleep, you will carry on doing this and will realise you are dreaming by doing a RC. :slight_smile:

This method is very easy. All you have to do is go to sleep. When you wake up during 1 of your REM cycles, you should be feeling groggy and tired, let this happen and take advantage of it! All you have to do is wake up after you have had a dream, at this point you should be feeling very groggy. Try not to use an alarm when you wake up and do it naturally. If you can’t, then make sure the alarm is near your bed and makes a light noise(not too loud).You’ll feel tired, so move your index and middle finger up and down(index finger up, index finger down then middle finger up and middle finger down). This should be light and nothing should be in your mind during this, all you should think is that you will be doing this for 10-30 seconds and then doing an RC. Don’t count the seconds, make the seconds come naturally, when you feel like you have done it for 10 to 30 seconds, do a nose reality check or. A reality check that doesn’t take much movement.Try pinching your nose and see if you can breathe through. If you can. your dreaming, if you can’t, then you cannot.

YOU should try and do this only during when you wake up in the middle of REM since it’s when you are tired.Feel free to post experiences or advice!

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