HILD-Its a SUCCESS! (suprisingly)

OMG i did hagarts HILD technique and it worked! I couldnt beleive it, but i was so suprised that i got scared. And i dnt think i could move. After i got over the fear i tried to visualize my room, but when i closed my eyes everything went black(like i expected)but then everything went white. I dnt know why though. Plz can some one tell me how to get out of bed wen i do the technique. PLZZZZ. O yea ive never had a real lucid dream, so dats why i’m so excited. And i jus found out about lucid dreams like a couple of weeks ago. So yea, plz help me.

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When you say “can some one tell me how to get out of bed wen i do the technique.” Do you mean after entering the dream? You don’t really say that you had fully entered the dream. Probably the best thing to do in the situation you were in is to focus on stabilizing the dream, by focusing on dream elements.

yes i was in a dream, and wat do u mean by focusing on dream elements?

What GreenDragon means is to look at something, for example. If you can see your room (even if still kinda blurry) and you see a chair, look at it and focus your attention on it. Pay attention to the details on it, or how it should look… If you do this things should get a bit more stable, the chair might seem more real and you will be less likely to wake up.

One of the hard parts of FILD (HILD :wink: ) I beleive, that you might get excited and say “hey, I’m in a LD!” too early, before the dream is completely formed. It’s hard to explain if you haven’t had a LD yet (soon you’ll know what I mean! :tongue: ). So if the dream is more stable it shouldn’t be much of a problem to get out of bed.

o ok i’ll try again soon and post my results

ive read that after it works you should sit up in your bed and stay there for a minute or two while the dream stabilizes and finishes forming. then you should be able to get up and have fun

one thing I do with FILD (or any other WILD for that matter) is wait a minute or two in bed just like the others have told you to do, and let the dream stabilize. Then I fall through my bed into a big cool pool of water. It immediately makes me use my senses and increases the vividness of the dream. And personally, I find falling through my bed to be much easier than getting out of my bed to start with.

Yeah and falling through sounds more fun too. Might get your more conscious of your dream.

You could also try to make it light in your room so you wont be tempted to go back to sleep or something like in a FA. Or just simply rub your hands.